The Top 4 Relaxing Games For Chill Gaming

Action-heavy titles are not hard to come by for gamers looking to unwind in bombastic fashion. From hectic first-person shooters to fantasy RPGs embarking players on a thrilling monster hunt, action is in vogue in the gaming medium. Yet, there are many more ways to let off steam than going on a killing spree or battling fierce creatures.

That’s what chill gaming is all about. With adorable visuals and undemanding gameplay, many video games offer a tranquil respite from their more action-packed counterparts. So, care to join a whimsical adventure? Or would you rather open a cozy guesthouse in the wilderness? Whether you’re a hardcore or a casual gamer, discover four relaxing titles to take things slow.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Animal Crossing is one of the biggest gaming franchises around. In 2020, the latest installation in the series took the world by storm. Animal Crossing: New Horizons was a global phenomenon, no questions asked. The entry even climbed to the top spot of the best-selling games ever in Japan.

The hype has receded since then, arguably. Still, New Horizons remains a prime example of casual gaming done right. Players have no fixed goal to pursue other than befriending adorable villagers, beautifying their island, and expanding their museum collections. Fishing, hunting down bugs, and crafting items all play out in real-time. Several updates added additional fan-favourite activities, such as cooking yummy recipes and swimming in turquoise waters.

Meanwhile, seasonal festivities light up your island now and then. Friends can also come visit to have a party before you hit their island to gather some inspiration to spruce up your place. Better yet, you can easily take a break and pick up your Nintendo Switch months later, for Animal Crossing boasts almost endless playtime.



Next up on our list is a peaceful city-building puzzle game, which translates into “village romanticization” in German. Unlike city builders like Cities: Skyline or SimCity, Dorfromantik tones down the complexity to focus on sheer low-pressure fun.

Players are given random hexagonal tiles, which they must place one at a time to fill up a blank space. The only rule in this village-builder reminiscent of classic board games is that new tiles must touch existing tiles on at least one side. Competitive players can be scored depending on how connected their tiles are, but Dorfromantik is essentially a sandbox at heart. Thus, you can put down any tile to create dreamy landscapes, from sleepy hamlets by the riverside to scenic woods full of wildlife.

As you progress through the game, many more tiles and biomes unlock to give you even more free rein over your virtual haven. Long story short, Dorfromantik is just the right amount of chill, as Kotaku put it. And the game is out on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Bear and Breakfast


Management games don’t always fall into the relaxing category. Sure, building the city of your dreams in Anno 1800 can be oh-so-satisfying. So is leading your colony to a brighter future in Frostpunk or Banished. But what if you were looking for all the fun of a management sim with none of the life-or-death dilemmas and logistical headaches? Cue Bear and Breakfast.

This laid-back indie title puts you in the shoes of a cutesy bear turned innkeeper. Through an unexpected request, Hank the bear comes into possession of a run-down inn lost in the woods. His goal is to turn this dilapidated cabin into the comfiest – and most lucrative – bed and breakfast ever. So, roll up your sleeves and get down to bringing in human guests in droves.

Many side quests allow you to collect new items and perks to supplement your rooms, making your clients wish they’d booked a longer stay. Each room can even be customized according to your whims, unless you’d rather listen to the advice of helpful folks visiting your remote forest. Not all visitors are as well-meaning, though. The surrounding woods might even hold quite a few mysteries to unpack if you feel bold enough to explore them. Available on both Nintendo’s handheld console and PC, Bear and Breakfast blends engaging narrative and relaxing gameplay to a tee.


Stardew Valley is the best farming sim around, hands down. At times, though, rearranging your farm layouts and preventing crops from dying out can feel tedious, if not repetitive. If so, Littlewood can be a sweet alternative. Granted, this indie title is no farming simulation per se. But farming is one of the many activities you can undertake. Only no clock is ticking to remind you that you should head home, as Littlewood is as stress-free as it gets.

The game takes you to Solemn, a world recently rid of the wrath of the Dark Wizard. With the world already saved, now is the time to stow your weapons away and make up for the time you’ve spent fighting your arch-nemesis. So, why don’t you redesign your town from top to bottom? If you’re feeling more adventurous, you might also head out to the world and see wherever the road takes you. Capture rare bug species at the Catacomb Tree or go fishing off Port City Deluca. This coastal city even boasts a casino for you to try your luck, although there is no actual gambling involved.

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Are you looking for some easy-going gaming escapism? The above games feature no set goals to hit within a certain time frame, leaving you free to play them for hours on end or a few minutes while riding the train. With soothing visuals to boot, these casual titles might be just what you need after an exhausting day. Keeping the stress at bay has never been more fun!