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Top reasons why you are gaining upper abdominal fat

Upper abdominal fat builds up due to multiple reasons. Visceral fat is the reason which is a fat type that lies between the walls of the abdomen and organs. The factors that contribute to this issue are lack of exercise, diet, lack of proper sleep and stress. Read below in detail as to what exactly happens and the reason why the weight increases on the upper abdomen.

1. Poor and bad food habits

This is one of the most common and known facts that cause fat to form in these parts of the body. The metabolism is reduced and it contributes to larger waist size. Refined food, white bread, and other junk food items can reduce the process of digestion. A high-calorie diet can also contribute to the increase in belly fat.

2. No exercise

A sedentary lifestyle can also add up. The only exercise can cure this problem along with the maintenance of your lifestyle.

3. Stress

Stress is quite a common factor that makes one gain extra pounds. At times, we don’t recognize how much weight we are putting on due to stress. It causes the body to make cortisol that affects the liver and releases excess sugar which leads to issues in metabolism. The body feels hungry often due to excess sugar inside. It ultimately makes one consume more food. This is the main problem and it accumulates fat in the upper abdominal part.

4. Health issues

Due to some health problems, it can lead to increased upper belly fat. Digestive diseases, cardiovascular problems and also hormonal imbalance is also known as ‘cushing syndrome’ and it can lead to obesity. Substances such as steroids that treat certain conditions can also cause an increase in abdominal fat.

5. Genetics

There are many reasons that add up to weight gain. Your history is also sometimes related to obesity. Genetic predispositions can lead to increased upper belly fat.

It’s not very easy to lose fat, but it’s not impossible too.

There are some changes you can follow and a rigorous practice will help you lose fat faster.

Steps to follow:

1. Regular exercise

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Exercise will lead to good metabolism and fat burning. You can do whatever you like. Walk, jog, gym, Zumba etc. You just need exercise. These techniques will burn the accumulated fat and cut down visceral fat that’s situated between the skin and the wall.

2. A slimmer you

Diet is a major factor that can help you get back in shape. Follow a proper diet regime that keeps you healthy. Eat often but have smaller meals rather than taking larger proportions. This will lower the burden on your digestive system. Replace calorie food items with nutrient-rich food. Energize your body and avoid oily items and baked products. Add salads and fruits to your diet.

3. Drink water

Water keeps you hydrated and having water instead of soda drinks will energize you. Water cleanses your whole body and eliminates all the toxins. Have at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.

4. Lower down stress levels

Learning to deal with stress is the first step to steer clear of fat accumulation anywhere in the body. Deal with your issues and find a way out to them. Being anxious will only increase the problem. Keep yourself relaxed and calm and know that you can fight anything that comes your way. It will cut off the triggers and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Just some efforts in understanding the reason behind all this and attempting to find the cure will give you good results.

5. Sleep, sleep and sleep

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A good sleep schedule will increase the metabolism in your body. If you are interested in how you can better your sleep be sure to check for more help. Two very important hormones like Ghrelin and leptin will work for you. Ghrelin tells when to eat. It is produced when we are sleep deprived. Leptin helps to stop eating food. It is very commonly known that eight hours of sleep is needed. Some might tell that it is not necessary but getting good quality sleep is very important for health. Sleep deprivation can also lead to weight gain.  Hence it is important to have a good sleep.

Here’s some food motivation to add to your schedule

There’s something called comfort foods that we try to eat when we are extremely stressed out. They are easily available in the kitchen and it takes us no time to consume them. Look for ingredients that have nutrients in them. This will lower down your stress levels and also the constant need for eating food. Oats boost up energy levels. They are also serotonin enhancers that can make you happy. You should include coconut in your diet as it improves mental health and also grants positive energy. Add lentils as it takes away tiredness and fatigue levels. Lentils offer vitamin B, and they are also known as a happy pill for your body.

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