Top Non-Stick Cookware: Where To Find One?

Omelets are a breakfast staple across the globe and so our pancakes and other batter oriented dishes especially if you are a  household with kids. These are some of the most delicious food items and the magic of their taste does not only lie in using the right ingredients and proportions but also in cooking them the right way. We all know the drill when omelets and pancakes stick to those pans. Not only it means a spoiled breakfast, and your beautiful cheese omelet turning into an untidy scramble, but also the cleaning becomes quite an ordeal. This is where non-stick cookware comes in as a life-saver and that is why all mommies and homemakers acknowledge the importance of having at least one set in the house.

However, over the years many concerns have been associated with non-stick cookware especially health issues regarding the non-stick coating. Therefore, the main concern is getting safe, durable and economical utensils and kitchen appliances. If you are finding it difficult to find the right pick, we recommend this guide for reviews of some of the best brands to choose from.

T-Fal hard Anodized Set

T-Fal is a trusted name in the cooking industry. It is known for its high-quality products, better safety standards, and better durability. It is made out of hard anodized aluminum material with a techno resistant base which not only keeps the cookware from getting warped but also ensures excellent heat conduction. Many people resort to their regular cast iron and copper cookware just for the sake of the conduction quality, which is lacking in the non-stick set. However, T-Fal has taken care of that exceptionally well. It is as durable as any cast iron item and is free of lead and cadmium. The nonstick coating does not peel off or scratch making it safe for your health. The only downside with T-Fal is that though it works really well with the regular stove tops, they do not work well induction tops.

Amazon Basics 15 Piece Non-Stick Set

There is no doubt that no other cookware comes close to what T-Fal offers in terms of non-stick, but it is also insanely expensive and it is understandable that not everyone would be willing and able to pay such exorbitant price. If you are looking for decent non-stick cookware set at an economical price point, the Amazon Basics set is an excellent pick. It is BPA free and the base is designed to ensure optimum heat conduction. On the downside, this type is not safe to be used with a dishwasher, which means cleaning will be a bit of a hassle. It is also not meant to be used with induction tops.

Calphalon 1876788 Non-Stick Set

Although Calphalon is slightly higher than the Amazon Basics, it is still relatively cheaper than T-Fal. However, while Amazon seems to be the most economical of the lot, Calphalon offers a much better value for money. It has a triple coating and an exceptionally strong anodized aluminum material. The base is also designed to ensure good heat conduction. Besides being free of PFOE, it is also safe to be used with dishwashers and ovens which is a plus. The only downside is that its base is way too smooth and tends to slip off the burner.

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