Top Hashtags Instagram

Instagram is a free social media platform and it can be used for different purposes. On top of its product marketing, e-commerce businesses etc. Nearly, I billion users are active in one month. Hashtags are commonly used in to update their post and highlight to some special words.

What is Hashtag?

A Hashtag is a pound sign. Which is used to draw high attention to something and it is denoted by this sign. This Hashtag is used for identifying and categorizing the various types of contents. This is frequently used by social media users on Facebook and Twitter also.

Why people use Hashtags Instagram?


Using of Hashtags on Instagram having numerous purposes some of them are discussed below here:

  • Increasing followers – Using right Hashtags Instagram account helps you to increase your followers on Instagram. If you post some content on Instagram with Hashtag then your content also shows with relevant post and helps to increase traffic on your content. Most of the e-commerce entrepreneur is taking benefits of Hashtags to promote their product and brand on Instagram. So this is a very famous way to increase your followers on Instagram by using Hashtags on your posts.
  • Gain More Likes – to get more likes Hashtags are very useful because hashtags help to find your publication post easily. When higher public crowd reach more on your content surely you get more likes and it might help you to enhance the number of followers.
  • Gain more Sales – Hashtags are not only useful for gaining more likes, followers on posts. Moreover, it also helps to increase sales of various product and brands on Instagram. There are many entrepreneurs and e-commerce business accounts on Instagram those are doing digital marketing on Instagram by using Hashtags with their product and brands. When you are promoting your products on Instagram and you use perfect hashtags with your product then it draws special attention of users toward your product and increases your sale.
  • Hashtags in Instagram Bio, stories – You can provide an impressive look to your Instagram bio and stories by using Hashtags on required places. Nowadays users are using Hashtags with their username, bio, and stories to make it more effective. This method of using Hashtags with your bio, stories, and profile promote you and make the top because of your stories and bio shows with more relevant content.

The Most Popular Hashtag on Instagram


There are millions of Hashtag are used on Instagram for different purposes by users but here are some most popular Hashtag using on Instagram:

1 #Love in the first place.

2 #Instagood in second place.

3 #Photooftheday in third places.

4 #Fashion in fourth places.

5 #Beautiful is the fifth most popular hashtag.

6 #Happy in sixth places.

7 #Like4Like in seventh places.

8 #Picoftheday falls behind with an eighth place.

9 #Art in ninth places has been used for photos or videos uploaded on Instagram.

10 #Photography in tenth places.

All above 10 Hashtags are most popular on Instagram which is using by users most.