Top Funfair Rides and Attractions

Whenever you’re organising a funfair, one of the things you have to consider are the types of rides and attractions that you will put up for your customers. There should be a lot of choices for children and adults to enjoy their time at the fairgrounds. However, you should also look into the safety ratings of each etquipment so you won’t have to deal with untoward accidents. A funfair should, for the lack of a better word, be fun.

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Here are some suggestions about the funfair rides and attractions your target clientele will appreciate.

Reverse bungee or slingshot ride

A funfair will always have its share of fairgoers who are after a thrilling attraction. What better way to indulge them than to offer a slingshot ride? Guests will be securely strapped into position and after a countdown, the machine will release them at an exhilarating speed of 60mph within a second. Guests looking for a thrill of a lifetime will surely flock to this attraction. However, for safety reasons, you must ensure that no guest with identified health issues will be allowed on the ride.


Merry-go-rounds are among the most iconic funfair rides. Kids and adults seem enthralled with the animal seats, the lights and sounds, and the circular movement. A funfair visit wouldn’t be complete without at least one go-through at this ride. This is also one of the safest attractions you can provide your clientele.

Ferris wheel

A Ferris wheel is always going to be a top attraction for both children and adults. It has several pods that can house two or more people inside depending on the size of the machinery. It is also considered as one of the safer rides as it provides riders with a bird’s eye view of the venue. Coupled with lights and catchy music, it will be one of the highlights of the funfair.


Fairgoers will appreciate a ride that offers them the chance to bump other riders or dodge them like a cat and mouse game. Dodgems or bumper car rides will give fairgoers this chance, although recent legislations limit their speed and have intensified safety standards. Still, it remains one of the more exciting attractions that you can offer your audience.

Themed roller coasters

Themed roller coasters sit on an elevated track and offer steep dips and turns at controlled speeds. They may also pass several stations that offer additional attractions that may interact with their guests. A roller coaster ride is one of the most scrutinised rides in terms of security and safety guidelines, so your clients will be safe from start to finish.

Flying chairs

Another funfair attraction that approximates the thrill of a Ferris wheel would be flying chairs. Fairgoers will sit on a chair and get strapped securely. After a while, the machine lifts them and whirls them around at a controlled speed and height. It’s an adrenaline rush for goers who love such an adventure.

Let’s move on to other top funfair stall games that you can include in your offerings.

Shooting gallery

One of the most popular funfair games that can also hone a fairgoer’s shooting prowess is the shooting gallery. It’s a great fun stall that offers visitors the chance to plink as many targets as possible using a pellet gun or a cork gun. Guests who reach a certain number of targets receive a prize. Since it doesn’t use live bullets and the projectile speed is relatively slow, it’s considered a safe attraction.

Knock the can

Another popular funfair game is knock the can. Fairgoers can try their luck in toppling the stacked cans using either a beanbag or a baseball. It’s a game of skill and luck as it can be relatively difficult to hit the target from a distance.

Basketball shooting games

Everyone wants to take a shot at nailing down a shot at a hoop set at different heights from a distance. Fairgoers line up to test their luck at landing that shot on a 12-foot or higher hoop. Conversely, there are also basketball arcade games that offer the same excitement as they can challenge the player’s basketball prowess against a time limit.

Dart balloons

Another funfair game that tests a player’s accuracy is dart balloons. Guests receive several darts for a certain fee, and they have the chance to pop as many balloons as possible. The number of balloons they burst will correspond to a prize.

Ball or ring toss

Fairgoers always go for games of chance, and among the best funfair games of chance is the ball or ring toss. Clients have the chance to throw rings or balls onto targets and if they nail them, they receive corresponding prizes. It’s a great attraction because while it looks easy to do, it’s quite challenging to master the techniques to consistently nail the targets.

Toy grab machine

One of the automated games that consistently draw players is the toy grab machine. Players put tokens and they have a chance to grab as many toys or treats as they can within the time limit. The challenge is to grab the items without letting them fall. Again, it’s quite challenging to master the technique, so it will be a great way to attract fairgoers.

Hook the duck or fishing game


This is a game that’s pretty easy to set up and operate, since all you need are magnetic ducks or fish floating on a pool of water. The more you can hook on a time limit, the better chance of landing a coveted prize.

Final takeaway

Organising a funfair can be challenging as you have to consider several factors. You need to include various rides and attractions to ensure that all fairgoers will have a great time. More importantly, you need to ensure that your fairgoers will be safe at all times.