Top 7 flowers with the most pleasant smell

There are a small number of things that can make your day and enrich the space around you as flowers can. Not only can they decorate your home, but their smell can also bring back some pleasant memories of adventures, important events, or loved ones. In the following text, we are going to make a list of flowers that have a delightful fragrance.

The scent of Sweet alyssum lives up to its name. It is fairly easy to grow and it can be planted as soon as the ground thaws in the early spring and it will bloom through the most of the year, until fall. There are few varieties such as New Carpet of Snow which is great for decorating landscapes or egging pathways in your backyard, Easter Bonnet that consists of white or lavender colored flowers, Pastel Carpet that includes, as you can guess pastel-colored plants.

If you are a chocolate lover Chocolate cosmos is a flower for you. It is native to Mexico and this plant loves full sun exposure. This reddish-brown flower has a light vanilla aroma, similar to a typical fragranced candle. They can grow up to 3 feet and it is recommended to plant them in small groups to enhance their beautiful smell. Just be careful if you have pets since they are poisonous.

Nothing says the spring is here like the scent of Wisteria. This high-climbing vine blooms in spring and it is characterized by a bunch of dropping white and purple flowers. Since they can grow up to 3 feet, you can plant them near the fence and ensure some privacy of your property.

Furthermore, you can opt to decorate your garden with unique Lily of the Valley. According to the legend, they arose from Eve’s tears when she was banished for the Garden of Eden which is why they look so fragile and delicate. It is native to multiple continents including North America, Asia, and Europe. Due to its appealing scent, it is often a key ingredient in perfumes. Since they are omens of good luck, they are a perfect present for your partner. Visit Floraqueen to order the gorgeous floral arrangement to give away.

Gardenia is everyone’s garden favorite flower since its lovely smell can aromatize the entire area. Since they require tropical weather conditions they are native to Hawaii, Africa and certain parts of Asia. If you plan on planting these, you should be very careful since the petals can be easily damaged. Also, make sure not to overwater them, and fertilize them only with an acid fertilizer.

We have to mention Jasmine and its unique fragrance. Its petals are usually white, but there are species with yellow ones. Its essential oils are used in cosmetics and in aromatherapy. Jasmine’s dried flowers are also used to make tea, which is something everyone has to try. When it comes to planting, make sure to leave enough space between each plant so they would be squeezed tight.

Lastly, is there a more beautiful and romantic flower than a rose? They come in a variety of colors and each one bears a special symbolism and conveys a certain message. Red rose is a symbol of love, yellow of friendship, pink of joy and a white one of purity. There is not a single girl in the whole world that doesn’t love roses, so use them to express your feeling towards your better half.


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