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Top 6 low-maintenance flowers for those who can’t keep their plants alive 

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There are many of us who want a garden full of flowers but have a serious problem with keeping them alive. Luckily for us, there are numerous species that are pretty low-maintenance meaning killing them would be a pretty demanding thing even for the regular plant killers. Maybe we just don’t have the time to take care of our garden or maybe we just worry about other stuff too much to remember our colorful garden friends, but whatever the case, with some flowers, you can’t go wrong. All of these low-maintenance species are stunning and colorful, don’t let their independence fool you.



These wonderful, yellow flowers with thin, long petals spreading wide from the center are easy to grow and don’t require too much attention. They look stunning and can grow as tall as 14 feet. Because of their beautiful yellow petals and their incredible size, they attract a lot of attention and can make every garden look prettier. You just have to sow the seed directly into the ground in a sunny, yet sheltered spot and wait for them to reach their incredible size. They love sunny and sheltered soil and you can support the stems to help the flower reach their full size.
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Nigella (Love in A Mist)


This flower is stunning and delicate, but it’s more resilient than it looks. All you have to do is scatter the seeds across the bare soil and let it grow. This flower will mostly be able to take care of itself and it will self-seed for the following year. It is beautiful, independent and that’s all you could ever want!



These pretty flowers are incredibly popular visitors in many gardens because of their easy maintenance and beautiful blooms. They can tolerate drought and will thrive in full sun as well as in partial shade. Numerous animals such as birds, bees, and butterflies love coneflowers so you can expect new visitors in your garden. They come in numerous different colors so you can choose your favorite combinations.



These are great border or container plants which are also able to self-seed giving you one less thing to worry about. They love the sun, so make sure to put them in a sunny part of your garden. Other than that, they don’t require a lot of attention.

Russian sage


This perennial also tolerates drought and is managing to avoid diseases and insects pretty well. Like coneflowers, they attract small animals that will enjoy spending time in your garden around the Russian sage. They can grow in different soils, so you don’t need to worry about it too much.

Mexican sunflower


This plant is native to Mexico and has stunning orange flowers that can look good in any garden. They don’t mind the hot weather and can grow even in the hottest conditions. They aren’t actual sunflowers, but both of these species are really low-maintenance.

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