Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy 360° Camera

Camera over DSLR

The answer to why you should buy a 360-degree camera instead of an expensive video recording camera or a DSLR is that with a small 360-degree camera, you are able to capture your real life moment in a fully immersive, interactive way, allowing people to experience how it feels like to fly a jet, sky diving, exploring the depths of the ocean or to shoot a video in football match.

A 360-degree camera is able to capture stunning photographs and videos but besides this, what else can you use it for? And why are these cameras worth spending money on? Here are the top reasons why you should buy a portable 360-degree camera for yourself.
  1. Cost
  2. Convenience
  3. Easy-to-use
  4. Wide Selection
  5. Multiple uses

Different Cost for Different Brands

Some cameras are way too expensive like Nokia’s OZO that costs around $60,000.  But there are other options for those with less money to spend.

One thing to know is that you cannot find a perfect 360-degree camera for under $100. But think of what you’ll be getting when you’re in search to buy a camera! Spending a little bit extra on the best quality piece of equipment is a way to go so you can get a camera that captures almost real-life footage in the clearest ways possible.

However, you can find a variety of 360-degree cameras for less than $1,000 that have the capability of shooting amazing videos and high-resolution photographs.

In a race of best 360-degree cameras, LG’s 360 Camera has quality reviews about its photo and video quality and costs less than $200. Another camera, the 360Fly cost $400 and is able to capture incredible 360-degree footage in one convenient, wireless little ball.

Compact and Portable

In 2019, most 360-degree cameras are compact, easy to use (one click to go), wireless and very easy to carry around. All these features make them the perfect hassle-free tool to have in your arsenal.

In comparison to big DSLR cameras that require storage & protection for lenses, flash, microphones, tripods, and all other gear, a small 360-degree camera just like the Ricoh Theta S are optimal for quick shooting and videography because they are only about 5 inches tall. It has a wide 360 lens, so you don’t have to move your camera around. You don’t even have to worry about setting up all things just like DSLRs, these Nano 360 degree cameras are just one click to go. Take them anywhere you want to and start filming awesome photography.

360 Degree Cameras Looks Complex But Really Easy to Use

Becoming expert over DSLR and all of its features and add-on can be a bit of pain in the butt if you are not pro. Even shooting with your mobile becomes harder as you cannot keep it stable all the way through your footage.

Most of the 360-degree cameras are relatively simple to set up and start capturing HD, real-life video in one go. Some of them have one to two buttons and that’s it for capturing HD footage! While technology is getting advanced day by day, we can expect new cameras that will be simple and easy to figure it out by every user at its own.

Installation of these 360-degree cameras is simple: Simple steps to follow & no headaches involved!

Multiple Brands with Multiple Models in Competitive Market

Only 5 years ago, there was a limited choice for good-quality 360-degree cameras but now there’s a huge variety to browse and pick from!

Almost every 360-degree camera in the online market has its own unique specialty and does something different from the next one. So it’s all on you to do some research and to find out the best option available in cheap price so check out for more information.

Be Creative with your 360 Degree Camera

The best part about these cameras is the feature of direct sharing to social platforms. You have plenty of choices, from Facebook and YouTube live streaming to other sites like Flickr or Ricoh’s own website if you buy the Theta S.

You don’t need to use the 360-degree camera just for capturing incredible footage and photography; You can use them as a security camera with motion detector too.  Below are creative options to be used in daily life with the help of these 360 Degree cameras apart from a video recording.

  1. PTZ control
  2. High-quality voice recording along with a video.
  3. Motion tracking
  4. Inferred Night vision for night time footage.
  5. Compatible with IOS & Android
  6. Cloud service storage available
  7. Alarm mode available
  8. Auto human detection

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