Top 5 Must-See Docudramas

It is always interesting to watch movies based on real events. This helps us to remember the unpredictability of our life and its transience. Here you can watch movies, the real situation formed the basis of which. However, if here the filmmaker has the right to add artistic details, then documentaries are based only on facts. And it makes them even more realistic and exciting. Below we have prepared five documentary dramas that will not leave you indifferent.

The Man Who Saved the World, 2014


The uniqueness of this picture is that its main character played himself here. You will not see here the acting abilities and talents of the level of Johnny Depp, but you will definitely know the truth. This is a story about a Soviet soldier who claimed responsibility for all of humanity and prevented a nuclear war that was about to begin in a few moments.

Beyond the Edge, 2013


This is a story about people who first decided to conquer Everest. They were destined to go through the most difficult trials and make many sacrifices in order to achieve their goal. They received world fame, and this film tells about the price to pay to go against the will of the universe itself. They climbed to the highest peak, and today thousands of lovers of height and risk want to repeat this path. Watch this movie and think about what your chances really are?

Ghosts of the Abyss, 1997


There is no such person in the world who does not know this story. The meeting of the most legendary liner of all times and the iceberg lost in the ocean was predetermined by the highest forces. But maybe this is just a story about self-confidence and inattention, which are very expensive when it comes to hundreds of human lives. Decide whether the tragedy of the Titanic was the will of heaven or the result of human negligence. All the details are in this movie.

Citizenfour, 2014


This is a story about risk, which can be justified, and may be in vain, about truth and lies, about money and real values, about good and evil, and people who really rule the world, and about the value of information as such in our high-tech time.

Critics say different things about Edward Snowden. Someone considers him a saint, and someone is sure that he is a brazen deceiver. In any of the cases, he dared to disclose information that should not have been disclosed, and as for the consequences – draw conclusions by watching this film yourself.

McLaren, 2017


Today, sports car racing is just an exciting sight. But 50 years ago the situation was different. When the car rushes at top speed, one slightest mistake leads to a catastrophe, and the driver has no chance to escape. Today, the level of reliability has increased significantly. This is the story of a rider who lived in flight, was not afraid of either speed or death, and believed that dying in order to achieve his goal is one of the most worthy deeds that a person can do.

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