Top 5 Hottest Winter Fashion Trends

So it’s the New Year, still the same winter, which obviously requires you to keep yourself the warmest. And that means sacking yourself— quite literally. Now some may find it quite exciting to wear winter clothes and rock those warm socks, but there are only a few who feel even slightly good about it.
But guess what? You can wear your winter outfit and still look great, and most importantly still remain at the top on fashion trends.

Here are 5 of the hottest fashion trends in 2019 that you just can’t ignore at any cost.

1. Patchwork

Nothing beats a creative design as much as this does. Also, Patchwork outfits are the most maximalist outfits you can wear to any big day’ and grab all the looks in the room in no time. At the New York Fashion Week in September, 2018, several designers came together to flaunt the trendiest patchwork designs, and that’s how it became the talk of the town, and now all that’s left is it finding its way into the wardrobes.

Patchworks are not just limited to dresses, rather now you can find gorgeous kimonos, and patchwork boots too!

2. Statement Sleeved Outfits


If you thought statement sleeves were going away anytime soon, then you can’t be any more misinformed than that. Statement Sleeves are the trend of 2019 that not only creeps into those gorgeous dresses and jumpsuits, but the cozy sweaters too! If you want to stay updated, getting your hands on a Chloe Cashmere Sweater is just what you need to do right away.

3. Calf High Boots

Maybe you’ve seen this before, but no other winter boots beat this. High Boots are the finest things to flaunt around in 2019. Some of the best boots are UGG’s Bailey Button Triplet II Boot. These calf high goodness comes in stark black that’s just perfect for the winter’s bite. They say ‘keep your feet warm,’ but perhaps it’s about time that we take it to the next level and stay extra cautious.

4. Popcorn Cardigan

If this has not gone mainstream around where you live right now, then now has to be it. 2019 is all about comfort and feeling the coziest in our own skin. There is nothing better than owning a popcorn cardigan and taking the city by the storm. Also, who wouldn’t love a good cardigan to keep them warm on a good wintery day or night? Pair your good ol’ trousers with calf high boots and popcorn cardigan.

5. Knit Pleated Skirts

If you aren’t already pairing your cozy jumpers with a decent knit pleated skirt and boots, then what are you doing this winter?

This is the style of 2019 that offers maximum comfort and of course maximum style and makes you stand out and blend in at the same time. Knit Pleated Skirts are the next big thing that had been bought to the extent that they are nearly sold out everywhere.

But keep your eyes on the prize, because you never know when you would get your hands on one.