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Top 5 Appliance Repairing Issues & Their Solutions

Even though they may look super durable and reliable, home appliances break down at times and need repairing. Last year, we’ve traveled quite a lot and have visited 2 of the most amazing repairing services out there – FixAppliances and SmileHvac – the people at these companies taught us a lot about the appliance repair service. And today, we are about to share something related to that with you. Here we give you the 5 top problems appliance repair technicians come across. Let’s get started:

1) Stalled Washing Machine

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Ever had to transfer a load from your washer to the dryer and found that it was drenched in a soapy bath? Even though the machine might’ve collapsed during its cycle, a better explanation would be a damaged door switch or lid. Since your washer depends on the door sensor to make sure that the lid is closed, it might stop working, should there be any issues with the switch. In the majority of situations, the switch gets damaged owing to rough use, for example, slamming the lid after you’ve dropped in a load.

The solution? Make a service technician replace your door switch.

2) Cold Dryer

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As you already know, cloth dryers utilize heat for removing moisture from wet accessories and garments.  If the dryer stops performing, chances are you’ve blown thermal fuse. When these elements break, your dryer won’t produce any heat altogether.

The solution? Replace your thermal fuse and take a peek at the cycling thermostat. Once the heat returns, the device should work as expected.

3) Leaky Freezer

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Freezes today complete defrosting cycles periodically for saving homeowners the hassle of defrosting the whole unit from time to time. At the times of these cycles, melted water goes to the drip pan through the defrosting drain.

When this defrosting drain gets clogged with debris and food, the water would start to leak and get on the lower shelves. In the majority of the cases, the melted water would freeze and form a sheet of ice at the freezer’s floor.

The solution? Make an appliance repairman replace or clean the defrosting drain.

4) Washer Would Not Wash


All of the top-load washing machines depend on an element named an agitator that’s for swirling, swishing, and spinning clothes throughout the whole cycle. When this section doesn’t move, the appliance won’t be able to function. In the majority of the cases, a stalled agitator would keep making noise as it struggles to move.

Since they often assume that the break can’t be fixed, plenty of homeowners just replace the old washer with a new one. However, this often turns out to be a mistake because the repairing expenses are usually very low compared to a new unit.

The solution? Replace the motor coupling.

5) Silent Dishwasher

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When a dishwasher can be switched on but doesn’t run, the problem often is the section named a float switch. It’s used to handle the amount of water that gets into the appliance, this part makes sure normal operation happens.

However, since you can access it from the inside unit, it is possible that a fork, knife or another item to jam this element, and locking it in a fixed place that keeps it from discharging the water required for running the machine.

The problem? 9 out of 10 times, a service technician can successfully remove the element that’s jamming the float switch without causing damage to the section. An experienced appliance repairman can take care of all the issues mentioned above.