Top 3 Thrilling Throwing Sports

Throwing any object is the matter of fun and gives plenty of pleasures to the thrower. But when throwing becomes a competition, it turns to the ability of the thrower to throw an object following a few specific rules. Ancient Egypt first introduced throwing games. Now it is not only a sport but also an art that everyone wants to have.

However, whether you are going to throw axe, knife or javelin, all that you must consider being an expert in throwing events are accuracy, body placement, and following rules.

Throwing Knife

There is nothing more enjoyable moment than when the knife you have thrown sticks into the target. That is why knife throwing, nowadays, has been more rewarding and awesome sport. It is easy to learn knife throwing with proper knowledge, practice, and instrument.

As the name suggests, the knife is the main instrument for this sport. But not are all knives suitable for throwing. Choose a knife which is specially designed with standard balance, not too light and not too heavy. A standard knife for throwing is strong enough and does not break easily.

The second important thing you need for knife throwing is the target where you want the knife to stick into. The target should be thick and soft enough so that the tip of the knife does not become bent and gets stuck easily. A hardwood target will bounce the knife and may cause injury.

Last but foremost, body movement is a very crucial factor to be successful in knife throwing. To get an accurate throw, you also need to take the standing position and correct placement of legs into consideration.  Holding the knife with fingers also has an impact on knife throwing.

Axe Throwing


Axes are not only used for cutting purpose. Nowadays, they are also used for recreation. Can you imagine how wondering it would be when you see the axe thrown by you gets stuck in the target? But many don’t know about this enjoyable game. Let’s take a look at what an axe thrower should know to be successful.

Probably you know axe is the first and foremost instrument required for axe throwing. But the most common mistake people make is choosing the wrong axe. So, while selecting the axe or tomahawk, consider the length and weight with your height and strength.

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Apart from the axe, you need something which the axe will stick into, I mean the target.  Dead and seasoned woods are preferable as the target because they won’t be damaged easily by the strike of the tomahawk. Whether you make the target by yourself or purchase, it should be round and 60 cm in diameter.

The minimum distance for axe throwing set out by the National Axe Throwing Federation is 14 feet. And a full rotation is required for accurate throwing. So for exactly aiming at the target, hold the axe at 90 degrees upward facing the sky. While releasing the axe, make sure the movement of your arms and legs is perfect so that the axe can give a full rotation with no wobbling.

Javelin Throwing

The javelin originated by ancient Greek and was used as a throwing arsenal. Javelin throw has been introduced as an Olympic event in 1906, and with the time, it has become one of the most popular sports. It involves throwing a spear with a metal tip on the top as far as you can.

The construction and specifications of javelin used in modern men’s competition are set by International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF).  According to IAAF rules, javelin is a metallic or wooden spear with a sharp metal tip, which has a grip made of cord, around 150 mm wide. The length must be between 2.6 and 2.7 m while weight should be 800 grams. For women, minimum length is 2.2 m whereas at least weight is 600 grams, somewhat shorter and lighter than men.

Unlike other throwing sports, javelin throwers do not throw from a cycle boundary; instead, they are allowed to take a run-way of up to 4 m wide and 30 m in length to throw the javelin. Keep in mind that spin throwing is strictly prohibited in javelin throwing. To be successful in this sport, you have to master the techniques, practice properly and have strength and stability.