Top 10 Characteristics of a Quality Academic Research Paper

Writing a good research paper is one of the more challenging aspects of academic life. Diligent analysis, collation, and interpretation of information defines solid research. The conclusion will answer questions or provide the solution to a problem.

To qualify as a good research paper, the contents must include specific properties and characteristics such as control and empiricism. Other methodologies displayed in the paper should be rigorous testing, critical and systematic thinking, and verification—that is quite a tall order.

  1. Choose a topic which not only interests you but challenges you as well. If the subject on which you choose to write is something about which you don’t feel passionate, then it will show in your effort.
  2. Focus on a limited aspect of the field. By making the topic something with narrower parameters, you will avoid being distracted by trying to fit in all the information about a vastly comprehensive subject.
  3. If you are in any doubt as to what your assignment is about, ask your tutor for clarification before you start writing.
  4. Base your research on the verified work of other experts in the field. In this way, you will be able to prove the facts are doable and replicable.
  5. Base your conclusion on a logical rationale that is tied to theory. There has to be a clear chain in the thought process that suggests a direction.
  6. A research paper must mention constructs and variables that further illustrate the point being made.
  7. This is the time to shine with a topic that is close to your heart or something that you know you have a lot of expertise. Writing a research paper is that much harder when you have to gain access to highly technical or specialized subjects that you don’t fully understand.
  8. Remember to use credible sources of information. Many websites are deliberately set up to look expert, but in fact, they have biased stats and facts. Make sure they don’t mislead you during your online research.
  9. Stay away from any website that is out of date, and be on guard for ones that may be pushing a particular agenda or bias.
  10. If you are using books from the library, check the date it was first published or revised. You can ask your teacher if they have any recommendations if you are still unsure what reference books to use.

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