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Tips on pressure washing your house

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Nobody likes to have a dusty and messy home, so we all give our best to keep ours as clean as possible. We wash the floors, dust the furniture and replace old things with new ones.

When it comes to washing your house, there are several ways that you can do it. Of course, everyone prefers to stick to the traditional dusting or vacuum cleaning, but what if we told you there are some new, more advanced and effective ways of cleaning?


Today, we decided to introduce you with pressure washing, and if you are unfamiliar with this method, we suggest that you stay until the end and learn a thing or two about it. Here it is:

Tips on pressure washing your house

In this article, we are learning how to pressure wash our houses, and how to clear the siding and the gutters as well. Let’s take a look at some of the materials and pressure washing tools that are required for the entire process.

How to choose the right pressure washer?


If you choose the right pressure washer and get everything ready beforehand, you will be able to clean your entire house in just one afternoon. So, we need to start with the first and most important thing, choosing the right pressure washer. Two types exist, gas powered and electric machines. We suggest going with the gas powered one because the higher flow rate or GPM will allow you to get the job done more easily and quickly.

When it comes to using a gas powered cleaner, you probably want one that has at least 2.4 GPM. Like we mentioned earlier, the GPM means the flow rate. So, most of the cleaners that have 2.4 GPM will have at least 2,600 PSI, which is perfectly fine for the task. Before we continue, make sure to check out this advanced pressure washing service, in case you need a professional to do it for you.


So, next on the list is choosing the right Nozzle. You’ll need to use a black soaping nozzle to apply the detergent. When you are pressure washing the house, you need to use a 25 or 40-degree nozzle tip, so make sure to choose one of those when preparing for the task. There is nothing really complicated about this, so we will just leave it at that. Next on the list is the detergent


The detergent is necessary because it simply makes your work much simpler. Without using a detergent, you are risking damaging your house because you will need to spend much more time and more water force on the same spot, which will probably ruin the pain and leave some marks. The detergent makes it so that you can remove everything in just a couple of seconds. What is great about choosing detergents is that people started creating different products for different surfaces. So, you can choose from Brick, wood and whatever your house siding is made of, and you have a special product for each surface. How great is that? Remember to stay safe during the process and carefully perform each move. Good luck when pressure washing your house!

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