Tips On How To Help The Homeless

The times we are living in are tough and nowadays it isn’t as easy to find a secure job as it once was (in the USA). A lot of people are doing their best to go through the 9 to 5 daily work routine and provide basic needs for their families. Still, it seems like the homeless problem has never been as wide before – some people lost their home due to wrong business moves, others simply didn’t have an equal chance. Whatever is the reason it isn’t a nice thing to see and we should all start growing social responsibility towards each other and them.

Just imagine what you would do if you were in a similar position? You would probably expect and hope that the passengers coming by will try to help you in some way. On the other hand, our society seems to be growing indifferent of people in dire need and we need to stop that.

Helping the homeless with at least something is always better than nothing. Even a good talk will make them feel better and make them change their views. You can make someone’s day without a lot of effort and you should know that. We are all connected, and we should all try to care about each other.

Without further ado let’s go ahead and take a look at a few tips on how to help the homeless.

USA / San Francisco / May 2004
Christine beg to many on Fulton street of San Francisco. The city spends $200 million a year trying to get homeless people off the streets and into a better way of life – but over 20 years, the problem has only gotten worse.
† Fatih Pinar / Anzenberger

Few Tips On Helping The Homeless

  1. Well, the first step is not just passing by but stopping and actually engaging with that homeless person. What might take a few minutes of your time may well as well change the day or even life of another person. Ask them how is their day, have a nice and warm talk with them and be ready to listen. Even if you aren’t able to help them financially this will mean a lot to them.
  2. Give that change that you would usually put in the back of your pocket after grocery shopping to the people that need it the most. A few dollars will not change your life while you might as well help someone manage it through the day and get better chances of stepping back on track. The deed of giving is what is important – the amount of money isn’t. And if you are in a financial possibility take them to a food place and eat together. This will mean a lot to them as you will both engage and make them And for those of you that are better standing believe us taking a homeless person for a makeover or renting a room for a few nights can be a life-changing thing for them.
  1. If you are any kind of employer and need new workers don’t look only at the official job market. There are a lot of people that are out there on the streets who are ready to work much harder than someone whose life doesn’t depend solely on the income they would receive from you. Go out and ask people if they are interested in being your employee (of course, if the job position is suitable). Believe us they will gladly accept it and be ready to give there 100%.
  2. Last but not least helping out the homeless shelters and food banks is one of the best things you can do. If you don’t know any near you, go ahead and check the ones listed on the Grace’s List. This website has hundreds of homeless shelters and you will be able to find the nearest one in a matter of a few minutes just by going to the homeless shelters for families near me sector. Go out, ask what kind of help is needed and even apply to volunteer.


Sharing is caring and believe us giving to homeless people will make their day or even life better, and you will know that you did the right thing. And believe us at the end every good deed that you did will get back at you double time!

Peter is a freelance writer with more than eight years of experience covering topics in politics. He was one of the guys that were here when the started.