Tips for Hiring Quality Movers

Quality movers are not called professionals just because they have years of experience moving homes. Their attention to detail, physical strength, speed, efficiency, risk control abilities, flexibility, packing skills, and custom services makes them stand out.

While these qualities are essential, not every shipping company has these traits, and some that do have them may not really be reliable in the long run.

So, how is it possible to distinguish quality long or short-distance movers from rip-offs? These tips for hiring movers tell it all.

1. Moving Inventory

One of the first things quality movers do when a potential client contacts them is to take an inventory of the apartment. This step gives them detailed information about every item the house owner has, from things as small as a spoon to large items like a piano.

When movers take inventory of the house, they can easily make estimates based on how many items will be moved and how much they weigh. So, if the shipping company does not take inventory of the house and provide estimates, they probably won’t be reliable.

2. Quality Movers Conduct a Walkthrough of the Apartment

They can create a moving inventory without doing a walkthrough of the apartment. If shippers do request a walkthrough, don’t forget to make a specific request regarding what movers should and shouldn’t inventory to avoid extra costs.

3. Quality Movers Won’t Request Large Upfronts

It’s rare to find a shipping company that asks for large upfronts. However, they do exist. These shippers are probably rip-offs. Advance payments are only necessary when shippers need to buy something on your behalf or request. These can’t even be termed advanced payments because they are customer requests.

4. Good Movers Don’t Change Names Often

Hiring a moving company won’t be successful without proper research.

So, another tip for hiring professional movers to put in practice is to check if they have a record of frequent name switches. Ideally, shipping companies only change their name if they are updating their website or have to do so on request of the government body when registering the company name. Be cautious of shippers with frequent name switches because this is one of the tell signs of scam acts.

5. Recommendations may Equate Credibility

Research may provide good results; word of mouth is sometimes more effective than research. So, rather than spend time surfing the net or going through an online directory searching for a reputable relocation company, reach out to your circle of friends and family to seek reliable recommendations of shippers they’ve worked with in the past.

6. Avoid Packing Services

A good shipping company, especially if they offer full shipping services, will offer packing services on request. However, the downside of packing services is that they may inflate moving rates. Then again, most shipping companies find packing services as an avenue to inflate transport estimates, so they benefit from it. The best way to get the right moving services from shippers is to take a DIY route when it involves packing and engaging shippers for logistics and lifting services.

7. Scam Shippers have Hidden Fees

A hidden fee is another tell sign of fraudulent acts. Sometimes, hidden fees go unnoticed by homeowners, and at the end of the day, they have to pay double the amount stated in the quote. When hiring a relocation, ask shippers if they collect extra charges on stairways, fuel, assembly services, large trucks, increased drive time, and equipment used.

If the transport company doesn’t state this in their quote, they may probably have the intention to demand an extra sum, so be sure to get information on extra fees before using their services.

8. Avoid Anything Relating to “Guaranteed” Quotes

A relocation company will either provide customers with a binding (guaranteed), non-binding or non-binding to-exceed contract.

While these quotes have their advantages, the guaranteed estimate is less beneficial than the others. A guaranteed estimate means at the end of the services, customers have to pay the agreed amount. However, it does not cover extra services. So, in a case when one requests additional services, they have to pay for it, and when movers fail to deliver on a particular service, customers can’t get refunds.

Reliable shippers hardly ever offer this estimate. So, choose wisely.

9. File Complaint on Damaged Belongings

There’s always a 90% chance of coming home to a broken item after shippers deliver the belongings to the new place.

When this happens, report any problems with the item within 90days of getting homewares. Reliable shipping companies always allow their customers to make claims on their valuation cover. If the relocation company does not accept your complaint, it means they do not have any intention of making any compensation. Hence, they are not reliable.

10. They Provide Insurance for Every Homeware

As stated earlier, there’s always a chance of coming home to a broken item or damaged houseware. So, it will be easy to get compensation for any item that gets damaged on the way to the new house. Regrettably, most transportation companies won’t offer a liability cover for household wares, and those that do won’t usually provide insurance covers unless the item is declared valuable. The US transport law endorses this rule. So, make sure to know the worth of every fixture before allowing movers to ship them.

11. Request for a Free Quote

Once you get every information regarding the shipping company, then request a free quote. If the relocation company requests some money to offer moving quotes, be on your way to finding the next contractors because they are not reliable. No matter the state in the US, moving quotes are free.


Anyone considering a local move would think these tips for hiring movers won’t apply to their search, but it actually does. Hiring shippers is no easy work and requires proper research. These tips for hiring professional movers will make it easy to find trustworthy relocation contractors no matter the destination country.