Tips for having a productive family law mediation

Divorce and the breakdown of a marital relationship is often an ugly issue that induces a lot of emotional pain and trauma for all parties involved. This is especially the case when issues like infidelity (partner cheating) are the catalyst for the split in otherwise functional and uninterrupted family life.

Anyone dealing with disputes with their ex-partner following their split may want to engage the services of a family law mediation firm that specializes in making sure that both parties can conduct productive negotiations. The ultimate goal of this process is to help both you and your ex reach a mutually agreeable and equitable settlement on issues like child custody and the division of marital assets.

According to O’Sullivan Mediation, the following will take a look at some tips you can use to ensure you have a productive family law mediation session with your ex.

Go in with an open-mind, ready to reach a deal


The most important aspect of a successful family law mediation is the attitude you have going into it – a negative attitude that’s focused on getting revenge on your ex or that is wracked with guilt is going to hinder your efforts to reach the best possible deal. In this circumstance, your personal family lawyer is going to be incredibly useful in terms of keeping your mind focused on the practical matters at hand rather than on circular emotional thinking that has no utility for your case.

Even if your ex did something to really hurt you or you feel that they won’t be cooperative, don’t become a prisoner of your assumptions. Your ex likely has similar preconceptions about you when going into the negotiation, so be ready to break the ice and try to find common ground.

Normally, considering the best interests of any children you have is a great place for disputing exes to find common ground and this is something that is often used by the family law mediator to build a bridge between them. When both parties sincerely care about the welfare of their children, this can be used as a basis from which fair parenting arrangements can be made.

Listen to your lawyer at each stage


Another important piece of advice for ensuring you have a productive family mediation with your ex is to listen to your lawyer at each stage of the process. You hired them for a reason – to provide the expert consultancy you need in order to navigate the complexity of the legal process.

Failing to listen to their advice or second-guessing them is only going to set you back – you need to trust in their expertise even if they give you answers you don’t like. Sometimes your lawyer will advise you to settle for less than you think you deserve, but this is often the best possible deal they or any other practitioner can get for you – especially if your ex has an equally competent advocate.

Don’t give up – stay in it to get what you deserve


While you shouldn’t be too stubborn such that you refuse the best deal you can get, you should also know when to stand your ground and hold out for more. This is, again, where your lawyer is going to be your best asset as they will be able to tell you when you’re in a position to ask for more and when you need to concede things.

It’s common for the stress that this process can cause to lead people to give up earlier than they would have otherwise simply so they can put it behind them. While you can get short-term relief by giving in and walking away with less – you will likely regret this later on and feel even worse.

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