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Tips For Getting More Followers and Likes On Instagram

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Instagram is one of the widely used social networking websites. This versatile platform has given enormous exposure to different brands. Not only this, but there are many Instagram bloggers who run successful blogs and enjoy thousands of followers.

There is no question that Instagram is a fun way to interact with people who have similar interests like you and who share the same niche. From food to fashion, Instagram is an ideal place to begin your blogging career. All you need is to set up a business profile and show off your photography skills.

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If you are looking forward to tips to get maximum followers and likes on Instagram, this blog is all you need.

Develop Style

It is common to follow a bandwagon and follow trends like everyone else. However, on Instagram, you can experiment and discover your potential. So, try to develop a unique style on this astounding platform. Moreover, you are allowed to take inspiration from different famous accounts but always come up with something unique that catches the eye instantly.

Instagram lets you share images. Hence, do not only share a photo but tell a story that resonates to people. You can add humor and share some parts of life as well. If you like to travel, you can share travel stories with your audience too.

Descriptive Caption

This tip is quite similar to above-mentioned one but it works. Whenever share a new post, write details that are associated with it. It will make it real and authentic. And, if you have impressive writing skills, you can showcase your another talent on this platform.

Instagram allows long captions which is the best way to tell your story. You may have seen posts with long paragraphs and the number of comments such posts receive. It is fun and interactive so focus on a description to get attract some new followers and to gain some likes on your phenomenal writing.

Call to Action

Most importantly, encourage people to hit like and follow icon. For example, if you run a personal blog on Instagram (any niche), you cannot hit an impressive number of followers until to opt for a call to action. For this, you can organize ‘like and win’ contest and other ways to get more likes or even followers. Call to action is the best way to promote your official page. And, when you share interesting content, people will likely to follow you.

Use Hashtags


Instagram is all about using hashtags to reach masses. You need to do short research to find useful hashtags related to your niche. Plus, you can also create your own. Make sure it is fun and creative. Moreover, use local hashtags to gain a local audience. On the other hand, general hashtags can wonder sometimes as well. Try to add a few relevant hashtags in each post and see which ones work best for you.

Image Quality

Since the entire platform is based on images, everyone has pressure to capture Instagram-worthy shots. Blurry or dull photos will not appeal to the audience. So, take some time and focus on an angle, lighting, and other aspects that help in taking the best image.

Bottom Line

If you own a smartphone, it is most likely that you have a profile on Instagram. So, why not create something big out of it? If you think, running a successful Instagram page is a tough nut to crack, you are mistaken. It needs creativity and consistency to reach maximum people.

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