Things You Need to Know When Buying A Casket

Buying a coffin or casket is an important aspect of performing funeral arrangements. It is the major purchase done for a funeral occasion. A casket is mostly used for a burial.  As per the cremation law, it needs to be a “rigid, suitable and combustible” container. If you are planning to make a buying decision, you need to know its purpose. 

In what ways does a ‘casket’ differ from a ‘coffin’?

Both the terms imply the same meaning. “Casket” is a term widely used in the United States, while the term “coffin” is used by people outside of the United States, and was introduced in the 16th century. It is linked to a wooden box that comprises of 6 or 8 sides. Caskets on the other hand were being used in the 19th century. It is a rectangular box with 4 sides. To make it easier for viewing by people, there is a split lid provided in it. is one of the best places to buy affordable and high-quality caskets for sale. Some of the products provided by them are either made of wood or metal, and for all sizes of people, including kids. Their products are also designed for cremation. 

For what purposes is a funeral casket used?

A funeral coffin can be used for two purposes. Firstly, it can help to provide a dignified means of transportation to the deceased before performing a funeral ritual, or it can be used as a means to bury the body in the ground. 

Can you preserve a funeral casket?

In order to attract people to buy their product, a few funeral coffin sellers claim that their products are made with seals, gasket and protection cover that aids in preserving the body. This is one of the means to charge more from their customers. 

Funeral Rule stated by Federal Trade Commission prohibits such claims, and makes people aware of the fact that there is no such burial box ever made that has the ability to preserve the body of a deceased person forever.

What are the available options to buy a casket?

Below are mentioned some of the options made available to the public: 

The Funeral Home

You can find a wide range of burial box from the funeral home. They come in bottom, top, and mid-range. 

High Street Casket Retailer

There are several independent retailers that offer high street products at their showrooms. Most of these retailers also offer products at substantial savings.  

Online Casket Retailers

There are various online coffin retailers that provide next day delivery throughout the United States. You need to find a reputable and trustworthy company that assures you the best after-sales service.  


Funeral caskets are mostly bought by members of departed souls. It is time to show your heartfelt feelings and emotion. They don’t wish to spend a lot of money, but want to bury their deceased family member in a good burial box. This gives them a feeling of appropriateness and dignity. The above information would assist you in buying the right kind of funeral casket.