Things To Look For When Buying A Computer

A computer is a device that allows me to type this article for you to read. Computers are used for a variety of reasons, but no matter why you need a computer, there are things that everyone should look for when buying one. It is a well-known fact that you do not buy a pre-built computer. Meaning, you don’t buy a computer that has been previously assembled. The best option for your budget is to always buy your own parts and assemble them yourself, or get someone else to do it. But the emphasis should be put on the former, meaning that you buy your own parts.

So what are the things that you should look for when buying a computer?

1.  The processor (CPU)

The first and most important part is the processor. There are two manufacturers you should turn your attention to when buying a processor. Intel and AMD are the biggest giants in the industry, so a good buy would be an Intel or AMD processor.

2.  Computer Memory (RAM)

RAM is extremely important it would seem nowadays. The more RAM memory, the faster your browsers, and applications will open. There was a time when 4 GB of RAM was enough, but nowadays anything below 8 GB can be considered very outdated. Always make sure that your budget can support you by buying at least 8 GB or 16 GB, which is the go-to standard.

3.  Monitor

Many people would not agree with this, however, a good monitor is very important especially if you’re going to be spending most of your time working on your PC. A good computer monitor should have an HDMI slot that goes straight into your graphics card, and the go-to screen resolution needs to be 1920×1080.

Before buying a new monitor, you should know how the monitor presents different color schemes. It is very important if you’re buying it for gaming or using for professional work such as graphics designing or video editing . You can check it on progeeksblog.

The 4k resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels or 4096 x 2160 pixels is also one of the latest technology you should be looking for as 4k is everywhere from YouTube to other streaming platforms including Netflix.

4.  Motherboard

A motherboard is a computer component that puts everything together and makes it all work. When choosing a motherboard, make sure to check if the motherboard is compatible with your RAM, processor, and graphics card.

5.  Graphics Card (GPU)

Graphics cards can eighter be built in into your CPU; however, those GPU’s are fairly weak and won’t be able to run anything. The go-to manufacturers for GPU’s are NVIDIA and AMD. GPU’s can cost anything from $50 to $1.000 or even more. GPU’s allow your computer better resolution, the ability to run games, the ability to render videos and 3D objects, and more.

6.  HDD and SSD

Memory is important and that’s why hard drives are also important. Hard drives are used to store information, and you should always have one to install your OS. Nowadays, there are new forms of hard drives called SSD or Solid State Drives. These are faster than HDD’s because they process information faster. Your operating system should always be stored on your SSD if you choose to buy one. They are more expensive than HDD’s but they compute faster.

There are always ways to get free storage and that’s by using cloud storage. From all the options available to you, Google provides 15 GB of free storage for $2 a month, and 1 TB for $10 a month. Mega provides 50 GB of FREE storage, Dropbox 2 GB, and MediaFire 10 GB.

7.  Operating System

Every computer, both desktop, and laptops need an operating system to work. From all the operating systems available for you, Windows is the most common one. Apple’s macOS is available only for their computers, but you can always go for the less used Linux operating software.



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