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The Top 10 Rick And Morty Episodes

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So far there have been three seasons of Rick and Morty, and it seems that there will be at least three more. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s series have a total of 31 episodes released so far, but we made a list of the best 10, just in case you don’t have time for more. Take a look.

10. The Ricks Must Be Crazy


Rick makes an excessive amount of micro-verses, in order to create a free and endless source of fuel. The mini versus provide the power to Rick’s ship, but even without it, the ship manages to traumatize Summer and everyone else. On the other hand, Rick has trouble with reestablishing the status quo with micro and teeny versions of himself.

9. The Rickshank Redemption


This episode is full of everything. There are certain possible hints about Rick’s past and killer concepts like Seal Team Ricks. There is also a struggle about returning the status quo for Rick and the Smith family. You will be able to witness one of the best April fools pranks that were ever played.

8. Meseeks And Destroy

This episode leads us into a fantasy world filled with knights, giants, and corrupt jellybeans, and also shows us a hostage situation and a deadly game of mini putt-putt. The episode is a perfect example of what the series is all about: Rick making maneuvering situations and taking his grandson on an adventure.

7. Rick Potion #9


This episode is one of the darkest of the whole series. It shows Rick’s fail seen by his grandson. The audience and Morty see the bigger picture of the whole story and everything becomes more clear.

6. Mortynight Run


Jermaine Clement makes the great star appearance in this episode. Jerry Bovee, a daycare center for all the Jerrys of the multiverse, and Roya: The Game is big parts of this episode. Morty and his charismatic, singing telepath that destroys all carbon-based lifeforms, Fart, spend time together.

5. Rixty Minutes


The story in this episode includes Summer and her parents, Antsinmyeyes Johnson, Real Fake Doors, Baby Legs, and many others. Beth and Jerry start appreciating each other more after learning about what life would have looked like apart. Morty describes the aftermath of Rick Potion #9 to Summer. Everyone dies.

4. Auto Erotic Assimilation


Unity is Rick’s ex-girlfriend. Morty and Summer meet her in this episode. Beth and Jerry have marital problems. They stumble onto a captive alien locked below Rick’s garage. This episode shows Rick’s true nature. Rick usually acts like the multiverse has robbed him of emotions. His suicide attempt is actually a way of trying to heal what he’s broken in his loved ones.

3. The Ricklantis Mixup


The Evil Morty gives us a peek to his plans for Rick and the Citadel in this episode. We can also see how the Citadel has rebuilt itself since both Rick and Morty visited. Election time has never been more interesting.

2. Total Rickall


This episode is chaotic and hilarious, and it includes many characters such as Mr. Poopybutthole, Ghost in a Jar, Cousin Nicky, Ben Sylvester, and many more. Wacky adventures are what this episode is all about.

1. Pickle Rick


Dan Harmon explains that the idea when making this episode was to strip Rick of everything in order to find what really makes him tick. Who would imagine that a pickle could do so much damage?

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