The Story Behind Jennifer Lopez Enormous Closet

Jennifer Lopez closet looks like a clothing store. She has so many clothes that her house had to be adapted to fit everything. “It’s not just a closet. It’s a huge room I converted for when I get ready for events and stuff”.


That’s the space where Jennifer gets ready to slay on the red carpets. The place is so big that the whole team fits and there’s still space left! This is where she keeps her collection of performances, movies, and awards outfits.

The most special pieces are displayed on mannequins, like Versace’s famous Jungle dress, that revolutionized the web. It was thanks to this dress that Google images was created.

As you can see, J.Lo keeps all of her iconic pieces. But the room is not only used on special occasions. Her everyday outfits are also in the closet.

J.Lo loves jeans, and she has a collection of them. They are many and in various colors. The singer’s jeans fill lots of shelves.

Jennifer is also passionate about shoes. There are hundreds of pairs on the shelves. Plus, the ones that have to stay on the floor for lack of space.

If you think that’s too much, get ready to see the rest of the house. The place has 9 rooms and 11 bathrooms. The rooms feature lacquered oak floors. The zen garden is perfect for meditating and resting. Besides, there’s a giant pool and a fancy deck.

After special events, like the Oscars and Grammy, J.Lo and Alex throw parties.