The Seventh Season of The Curse of Oak Island may Finally Unveil the Truth

The new seventh season has already been confirmed, and the filming is underway. The premiere date is not yet known, but the team led by brothers Marty and Rick Lagina are back at their base of operations, the centuries-old mysterious island filled with mysteries and secrets.

The filming of the last season has been confirmed by leaked snaps, and some of these photographs were published over social. They reveal the team working in the swamp, as well as the arrival of multiple trucks with various heavy equipment. These developments suggest more digging in the upcoming seventh season.

The impatient viewers have been wanting huge findings for some time now. During the sixth season, the crane operators went on a strike, and nothing was excavated for three straight weeks.

Disappointments like this one do not sit well with the trusty fan base. They expect many more valuable and mysterious artifacts from the new season.

EconoTimes promises that the team will have to go under the water in order to check the anomaly that was mentioned in the finale of the previous season. They went back to the Money pit already, believe a sunken ship is buried right under where they operate. Large amounts of treasures and artifacts could potentially be on the ship.

Season 7 does not have an official release date yet, but many believe it will come in November. What is more, fans expect it to last longer than usual. Stay tuned until more details become available!

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