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‘The Rock’ went back to his roots and shared some inspiration with his followers

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Dwayne Johnson shared on Instagram how he went back to his roots and took a trip down memory lane. He shared everything with his followers, and he tried to give them a little bit of inspiration.
He said that he likes to go back home and visit places that are very important to him. The places that he used to visit when he was younger, the places that stir up memories.

He first visited the grave of his grandparents, then he went to his old high school, his old middle school, and he even visited all the places where he used to get in trouble, and where he used to get arrested.

On the other side of struggle is always something better. #YearsLater #LivingProof

2.5m Likes, 27.4k Comments – @therock on Instagram: “On the other side of struggle is always something better. #YearsLater #LivingProof”

Another place that he visited was his old apartment building in Honolulu, where he lived with his family. When he was there, he remembered some difficult parts of his childhood. Like the time they were evicted from the apartment and he wondered what it would be if he lived in a fancy building like the one that is just across his old apartment building. He said that when they were evicted, they had to move off the island because they couldn’t afford to pay the rent.

Now he is a very famous actor and he is very grateful for every opportunity that he had. He also explained that the whole point of his post is to give people a little bit of inspiration. Because everyone is struggling at some point in life, but you just need to keep going, stay strong and have faith. And if you keep pushing through, everything will be okay in the end. There is always something good on the other side of the struggle, something better.

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