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The new Toyota 86 Hakone Edition will introduce the British Racing Green to the USA Market

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Several months ago, the famous Japanese brand introduced the British Green limited edition of their 86 sport compact vehicle. The car has a British racing green paint job on the outside, and a special black and tan combination as the interior colors. The look is further detailed with a set of bronze wheels and large red Brembo brakes. The car only used to be for the Japanese market at first, but Toyota brought it to America under a different name.

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The USA section of Toyota calls it the Hakone Edition, after the famous Hakone Turnpike in Japan. The brand issued a press release that reads, “This famous stretch of road is on the top of many bucket lists, and Toyota is paying tribute to this iconic spot, as well as other international sports car driving, with the 86 Hakone Edition.”

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The rest is practically the same as the car for the Japanese market. The same LED projector-beams serve as headlights, the car has the same color-keyed power mirrors, while the chrome dual exhaust is also unchanged. Furthermore, the cars have identical vortex generators on the front fenders. Interior features are the same as on the 86 GT, meaning a dual-zone climate control, cruise control, heated seats, push-start ignition, and remote keyless entry.

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One difference is that the North American version does not have the bright red Brembo calipers, nor does it get full-leather seats. The power output is the same as in the Toyota 86, which means 205 horsepower and 156-pound feet of torque from the 2.0-liter boxer 4-cylinder engine.

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The price is unfamiliar as of yet, but the regular 86 GT costs under $30,000, and the newer TRD special edition is more expensive at $32,470. Therefore, expect the Hakone Edition to be near this.

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