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The Most Humiliating Cheerleading Moments

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Cheerleaders are so fascinating and charming to watch. However, once in a while they experience some embarrassing moments which make them want to run and hide. As cheerleading happens in front of crowds all the time, it is very likely that eventually, something funny and embarrassing will happen. Hence, let’s take a closer look at some of the most humiliating cheerleading moments so far.

1. Mis-Spelling a Sign of Genius? Maybe.

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What does ‘SPIRT’ means no one was able to understand, but we guess that the answer to these cheerleaders’ question was ‘No!’.

2. No Happy Ending for This One

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Just by looking at the photo you can say that no one is going to catch her. So, we can’t see a happy ending in any possible way.

3. They Almost Caught Her

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This must have been a very painful thing to watch and we can only guess how she felt. The good thing is that they almost caught her, right?!

4. Slam Dunk

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What these cheerleaders were trying to do is still a mystery, but we guess they were trying to show how to score successfully in basketball. Whether they succeeded in doing so, determine by yourself.

5. Scorpion Pose…Well, a Kind of

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If you know what a scorpion pose in yoga looks like, this cheerleader will remind you of it. Well, it’s a bit of a modified scorpion pose, but who cares!

6. Upside-Down

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It’s weird how none of the cheerleaders saw that the sign was upside-down, but at least they got the spelling correct.

7. Trojan Horse Replica?!

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We can only imagine how this guy feels! That weight on his shoulders must have felt like he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Hopefully, she has been doing some weightlifting in the gym before this.

8. You Can Cheer for the Wrong Team, Right?

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It’s obvious that this cheerleader was caught in the moment and she decided to be a fan of the opposite team. Who knows what happened to her after this.

9. Performance Anxiety

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This is a very clear image of how a stage fright looks like. We cannot argue that they handled their performance anxiety just right, or didn’t they?

10. She’s So Lucky to Have Those Pom-Poms

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The Kentucky basketball player’s face is priceless. He might be in control of the situation, but the cheerleader was lucky to have those pom-poms for self-defense.

11. The Perfect Fall

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If you didn’t know how the perfect fall looks like, this is it! Luckily, she fell on the grass with her face, which we hope helped soften the impact.

12. GO or OG?

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This cheerleader looks utterly happy unaware that she is holding the sign upside down. What was that joke about cheerleaders and intellect?!

13. Something’s Not Right

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It’s obvious that this cheerleading event didn’t work out as planned. Those terrified faces speak for themselves!

14. Staged and Still Funny

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This image is part of a movie Semi-Pro with Will Ferrell who was supposed to nail a cheerleader with a basketball. Besides the fact that it is staged, it is a hilarious and very embarrassing moment for that cheerleader.

15. Awkward Much?

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It can be challenging to understand what exactly is going on here, but they ended in an extremely awkward position that’s hard to watch.

16. Group Humiliation

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This is a huge group of falling cheerleaders who can’t be in a more uncomfortable position than this one. It’s painful to watch!

17. One Down, Two More to Go

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A painful sensation starts spreading in your body when you see what happens in this picture. We hope that the girl on the floor is ok.

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