The Hottest Lingerie Styles for Women 50+

There is no age limit on lingerie. Women of all ages deserve to feel sexy and confident in their own skin in and out of the bedroom. Too often, women in their 50s and beyond feel excluded by the modern lingerie industry. The women who model lingerie in glossy magazine spreads are rarely past age 30, and the whole of the lingerie market, in general, seems to be targeted exclusively toward younger women.

When your birth date is far earlier than that of any of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, it can be difficult to figure out how to choose lingerie that flatters your figure and makes you feel naturally sexy and confident. Lingerie for women 50+ should help you maintain your grace and dignity without making you feel like you’re trying to look or act younger than you are. If you’re past or approaching the big 50 and aren’t sure how to look and feel your best in the bedroom anymore, check out these five lingerie styles that are especially flattering for women 50+.

1. Slip Lingerie

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Elegant, classy, and sexy, slip lingerie is the perfect choice for women 50+ who don’t want to go overboard with ultra-scandalous styles but still want to look sexy and show off some skin in the bedroom.

Slip lingerie is semi-modest—it doesn’t put everything on display—and it is also very forgiving. It is usually crafted from satin or silk material that effortlessly clings to your figure to accentuate your curves without making bumps, bulges, and other imperfections more obvious. As an added bonus, most slip lingerie is also ultra-comfortable.

2. High-Waisted Panties

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Stretch marks, scars, cellulite, love handles, and tummy pooches are normal and natural for women of any age, but they’re more common for middle-aged women than for the 20-something lingerie models you see flaunting their flawless figures in magazines and on billboards.

High-waisted panties can help smooth and sculpt your midsection to keep your waist looking slim and your tummy and hips in check. They are one of the most forgiving and flattering lingerie styles and they effortlessly flatter figures of any shape and size. As an added bonus, high-waisted lingerie is already ultra-trendy for women of all ages. Women 50+ can jump on the bandwagon of this lingerie trend with sexy high-waisted panties that fit and flatter your figure just the way it is.

3. Supportive Styles


Support is key when it comes to lingerie for women 50+. Once you cross over the line of turning 50, your body probably isn’t holding itself up quite as well as it used to—and that’s completely normal and natural. Unfortunately, the flimsy, unlined bralettes that have taken over the modern lingerie market do not offer the support and security that most women 50+—and even many younger women—need to hold their breasts in place.

More supportive lingerie styles that provide the lift and security your bust needs can help you feel more confident in your lingerie. Instead of settling for unsupportive styles, shop for bras that include support features like underwire and moulded cups. If you’re going for one-piece lingerie like teddies or slip lingerie, choose styles that include built-in bras with wire and real bra-sized cups for maximum support.

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