The Good Tenant: 5 Ways to Become the Best Tenant

Most of the time, people opt for renting space in downtown areas. One of the advantages of renting a place is you can get in and out of the city quickly. You’ll also be close to a lot of things such as concerts, events, workshops, seminars, etc. The food is also excellent as you’ll have a lot of choices to choose from.

However, it’s always important to know that when you rent, you’re going to have a landlord or landlady, and most often you’ll share space with some neighbors inside a building. When you’re inside, you have to abide by every rule that’s in place. While you’re already living in a beautiful place, it pays to live peacefully and harmoniously with your landlord and neighbors. Here are some ways to do that:

Pay rent, above anything else

Rent is the most important thing for a landlord. Always pay your dues on time. A lot of landlords might provide some leeway for you the first few months of missing rent, but they won’t be nice anymore if you continually miss your dues. As a precaution, most landlords include special agreements in the contract, such as a 1-month advance, 2-months deposit payment scheme.

The one month refers to this month’s rent, while the two months deposit is an insurance to the owner in case you’ll have trouble paying two months’ worth of rent. If you leave or don’t consume the two months, your landlord is legally obligated to return your deposit to you.

For those who are new to renting, always ask if the rent includes everything: space you’ll live in, electricity, water, gas, etc. Take note that some owners do not include everything in the rent. You should also ask if the place is fully furnished or not. If it is, the chances are that the rent will be much higher than usual.

Take care of the property!

Even though you’re paying rent, you have to take care of the property. Look for any potential damages to the property and report them immediately to the landlord. Your landlord is always in charge of keeping everything in tiptop shape.

Keep everything clean and avoid any hard modifications to the place if possible. If you really want some structural changes done in your area, ask the landlord nicely before proceeding. Landlords will think highly of you if you take care of your place as they’ll perceive you to be a good and honest renter. When tough times arrive, at least the landlord has something to consider, the next time you miss your rent.

Also, take note that the landlord can do repairs and modifications to the place at any time. Landlords will announce in advance the days that they’ll be working inside your home, so there’s no difficulty for the both of you.

Although rental property owners have legal obligations to protect their tenants, you as a tenant should also be vigilant with your unit and your belongings. Most of the time, valuables such as cash, expensive skeleton watches (check ) or any known brand, jewelry, even pets get stolen because of door that’s not even locked.

Always make sure that doors and windows are locked when you go out. It’s not the landlord’s fault that someone got in your unit because of an open door.

Tone it down!

In most cities, there are ordinances designed to keep peace and order in all areas. One of these ordinances might include keeping the tone down during nighttime. Loud talking, banging on the wall, excessively loud music will not be tolerated. Landlords or tenants can call the police on you as you’re disrupting the peace and quiet of everyone. If you’re going to have a party, make sure to inform your landlord ahead of time.

As a courtesy and a show of respect, you should also tell other tenants in the building of your party and that you’ll be playing music and having guests over. You should also check your contract if you’re violating any provisions in it. The landlord and other tenants will appreciate your honesty and will most likely understand that a party isn’t every day.

Pro Tip: If you have the budget for it, you can also invite your neighbors and the landlord over for the party. If they do decline for some reason, don’t be offended. What’s important is that you let them know that you think of them.

Just being trustworthy in the first place

Due to spaces becoming a limited commodity in the urban areas, most landlords will usually deliberate on who will have the right to rent their place. Most landlords do background checks on their possible renters. Are they a family? Are they from another country? How do they pay their rent? Some landlords even ask the help of financial experts on how a possible tenant’s financial status can affect their business.

Cats and Dogs aren’t usually allowed

Although some special service animals can be accepted in an apartment, some landlords can actually disallow people with pets to rent their property. The reason for this is that property owners often have a hard time dealing with animals. Cats and Dogs can be noisy at night. While this might be okay for some landlords, it’ll definitely be a problem for neighbors and other renters.

Cats if not neutered or spayed, can give birth to a lot of kittens. These kittens then grow old and have their own kittens, which can significantly increase their population in the building. Animals can also be tough on the maintenance as they can leave poop and pee everywhere. As bad as it sounds, renters who have cats and dogs are bad tenants for most landlords.


Being a good tenant isn’t that hard. Prioritizing rent can be an excellent way to start. As a tenant, you should also know that the landlord has the right to do repairs in your place. Being thoughtful of others such as not bringing along any big pets or telling the landlord and your neighbors that you’ll have a party will only show to them that you’re a good tenant and a good person as well.