The Emerging Trends in Motion Design in 2021

We will touch on trends, from movies and commercial advertising to case studies and everything in between.

3D everywhere

From ads to product photos, marketing or promotional campaigns, and game production, using abilities of 3D makes it possible to create realistic picturing and presentation impossible to achieve differently. We will acquire more 3D arts in all industries and sectors.

More visual effects in ads

According to Darvideo, visual effects in commercials have allowed companies to promote the presentation of their products. That is an important aspect of any marketing campaign. From the improvement of details and aesthetics, which contribute to the construction of a more beautiful picture to increase the dramatic moments and increase the overall effect of advertising.


If in the past 12 months you were close to a tech-savvy friend or relative, there is a high probability that you heard news about VR or AR. It has risen from an ambitious fantasy used in game development since 2012 to the actual circumstances that corporations and big fish in business using now for their sake. And it will be even more popular in the next year!

2D and 3D mixing

From small commercials to large budget projects, motion design studios are exploring new ways to combine 2D and 3D. This leads to the opportunity to offer viewers a multitude of new and interesting impressions. This trend will continue to gain popularity, especially in digital commercials and marketing.

Even more gif

Thanks to their small scale and wide availability, gifs are a great way to attract customers and share ideas, especially on social networks. GIFs can be used even more by companies that want to sell themselves in the digital space.

Animated logos

This is another great form to captivate users. Animated logos are able to attract the attention of users, as well as extend to familiar brand devices. For example, a set of animated logos by Google.

Photorealistic render

As the capabilities of this technology expand, it becomes possible to create believable 3D models and visualizations. If only large production studios such as Disney used this technology previously, now we will start to see how smaller companies are increasingly beginning to use photorealistic scenes.

Simply put, the goal of a photorealistic render is to impress the user. Vivid pictures of the product, augmented reality, realistic characters, beautiful scenes and much more. You can visit this site to learn more.

Colour palettes

They are used and beloved by lots of designers in computer graphics and design. Colour palettes such as “neon” are the inspiration for many pictures.

Retro graphics

Everything new is well forgotten old. Retro graphics were popular throughout 2018, but its rapid development is predicted in the present year. The retro-trend has not bypassed motion design. Old-fashion considered to be a quite different style in comparison to modern styles, and it can be called its main advantage. These kind of effects are looking really cool, they evoke childish nostalgy and they can interest a much larger number of viewers than expected.


The effect of smoothly converting one element to another in video products is called morphing. This effect has been used for a while, and we expect the rise of its popularity in 2021.

People are identifying and distinguishing images visual objects better than text. Thus, for the transmission of messages, visual effects are adequate. Morphing in motion design is perfect in concept-forming Transforming images and forms helps to show more in less time. Today, there are countless logos that go from one shape to another.

That’s not a full list of all the ways today motion design can decorate the reality. There are also lots of popular tools, such as liquid effect, surrealism elements, isometry that are also in charge.

Taking to note all those actual trends you can imagine what exactly you can do today with the help of motion designers. They can be used apart or being combined in one visual product – there are no limits for a skilled designer to mix them in one motion design masterpiece, so don’t doubt to use its wonderful abilities to create a new form of self-presentation both for yourself and your products in the digital space.

Peter is a freelance writer with more than eight years of experience covering topics in politics. He was one of the guys that were here when the started.