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The Difference Between Freelance Essay Writing And Blogging

For a thousand of years writing has been a form of communication. The way it’s interpreted has been changing for a while now. From ink on parchment to typesetting on paper to inkjet on gloss, the written word has progressed a lot, but the way of storytelling remained pretty much the same. Nowadays, there is a special form of writing that is very popular, and it is called blogging. To write a blog, you don’t have to be a real writer. Also, more young people decide to make money by becoming freelance essay writers. However, we wanted to teach you the difference between those two. Let’s first learn more about what those kinds of writing are, and then see the main differences between them.


Blogs seem to crowd the Internet these days. A blog is an informational website that contains posts in which you discuss something or share your opinion on a certain topic. Blogs present interesting data and make it look personal. Blogs’ topics are usually built around SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords, and are self-published, although some bloggers do hire editors to improve the quality of their writing. You can find blogs about almost any topic you can think of, or say there are websites about almost any subject or group of problems presented from a blogger’s point of view. To demonstrate their writing skills or to make their writing more interesting and unique, some bloggers inform their readers about their thoughts on some subject via poems or short stories. If a blog functions regularly and has its stable audience, the readers know when the fresh content can be expected. If you want to write a blog and you don’t know from where to start Fortunelords has a great guide for starters.

Freelance Essay Writing 

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This form of writing is the act of creating customized essays for money. Freelancers are expected to be good at different disciplines and they tend to learn something new about different fields of academic studies. The assignments a freelancer gets need to be done according to the instructions and on time. If you wish to have your essay done in time you can check out Paper Due Now. It has really good reviews and can help you with your academic essays.

The Differences

The first and the main difference between blogging and freelance essay writing is that when writing a blog post, bloggers mostly use their own opinion on the subject, while personal opinion in essay writing is not always allowed. With that, the writing style is also different. Bloggers are allowed to have a casual writing style, while freelancers need to write in a more academic strict style. Freelancers need to do their research from credible experts and research firms, while bloggers don’t have to do that kind of research. When writing an essay, your spelling and grammar need to be impeccable, and for a blog post, your good spelling and grammar are optional. Of course, you will attract more readers if you make sure your writings are grammatically correct, which shows that you care about them. Both freelance essay writing and blogging are good opportunities for self- development and making money. Also it is very important that you take care about numbers of words which you use in the article you write.  While doing this you can use help of some online tools such as one at, which will make your job even easier.