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The Dangers Of Data Breach And Why You Have To Prevent It

Now, the internet has been around for more than a few decades and has had an immense influence on our society. And though it can provide you with numerous options and benefits when used the right way, it puts people and personal information at risk as well. Cyber attacks and malware websites are a common thing, and you have to be really careful when searching for content through untrusted websites and engines. Along with that, with online shopping becoming a trend people leave their personal information in the process of placing an order and if a data breach occurs then that personal information can be stolen and sold to a third party.

In the past few years, there have been numerous cases of cyber attacks and data breach which imply that companies should take it as a serious problem and prevent possible breaches with relevant security systems. Let’s go ahead and take a look at all the dangers of leaving this problem unattended.

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EE Data Breach Lead To Stalking

Now, did you know that EE data breach led to stalking? Famous care from a few months ago was when an EE customer got her personal information stolen which eventually led to stalking. This was performed by her ex-parent and an employee in the firm, who had access to all the relevant data without official permission and had used it to abuse and stalk Francesca Bonafede. As the company didn’t take the case seriously, police were involved in solving the case. Certain studies suggest that employees are responsible for at least 25% of data breach cases and that this is something to think about. For concerned EE customers see contact telephone numbers listed here.

Why Is Data Breach So Dangerous

Let’s take a look at how can a data breach affect one company and its customers if left unattended:

1. Well first and foremost if you allow poor data management, and don’t invest in a good security system you are at risk of being attacked by cybercriminals. And the bigger your business is the bigger the risk.

2. Now, on the other hand, and relevant to the case mentioned above, allowing data breach may affect both your employee’s personal data and customers personal data as well. That’s why it is essential to have good data management figured out that will prevent any kind of misuse and abuse of data access.

3. Data breaches are usually a part of a DDoS attack that could cause your whole platform to fall, which can in term lead to huge financial consequences and maybe even closing down your business.

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4. If you are not following strict regulations considering data management and breach preventing you might be breaking the law in which case you are eligible for paying certain fines. And let’s not forget – allowing a data breach can end up in your trade secrets or intellectual property being released and stolen. So apart from all the cyber damage that a data breach can make it can result in a physical loss as well.

5.Last but not least being cyber attacked and allowing a data breach may result in the loss of your reputation. The cases of this kind usually end up going public, which will in terms mean that your brand will not remain trusty and people are going to move forward and look for relevant alternatives in your niche!


Data breach is a scary thing – it can result in huge financial consequences and on the other hand both your employee’s and customer’s personal info is at risk. That is why investing in good data management and security system is a must and something that should always be on the top of your priority list!

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