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The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 – Can the Audience Expect New Season

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This long-lasting show has been entertaining and exciting throughout every season, with every episode unraveling a new piece of the puzzle, so the main dilemma of this article is whether or not season 7 will be the last.

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You can easily get hooked on this show since the main characters, Lagina brothers, always manage to make one step closer to the cursed and puzzling treasure. The show has lived for six seasons so far and it appears the treasure is almost found.

New leads and cues such as the way to the Money Pit or the realization that parts of Smith’s Cove are older than the Money Pit are very promising in a sense that the characters in season 7 are going to be much closer to finding the treasure.

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Season 6 was deprived of a three-week dredge since the crane operators were on strike so it is possible that the new season will resolve the Oak Island mystery. However, such assumptions could have been made about some previous seasons so the question remains – can we expect more episodes after season 7?

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One thing is for sure – the show is surely going to keep us involved in the story with more and more amusing and unraveling details with every new episode, probably starting from this November. With 36 episodes and 14 special episodes, season 6 has been the longest so far, but the same should be expected with the new season and we can’t wait to see the future adventures during this Winter.

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