The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Premieres Tonight: Here’s What to Expect

If you’ve been eagerly waiting for the new installment of “The Curse of Oak Island,” we’re happy to inform you that the waiting is finally over. In fact, we’ll all be able to see the first episode of season 7 tonight, Tuesday, November 5. You’ll be even more surprised to hear that the new installment will last for a whole two hours. Can’t get more exciting than that? Well, let’s see what you can expect to happen in the first episode of season 7.

The premiere episode of “The Curse of Oak Island” season 7 is expected to feature some of the most serious developments we’ve seen so far. The official synopsis of the 2-hour episode reads

Armed with new evidence suggesting a ship is buried in the swamp, Rick, Marty, and the team return to the island determined to honor Dan’s legacy by solving the centuries-old mystery once and for all.”

However, note that before airing this episode, History Channel will air the “Finding Answers” episode from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

This season will be all about showing tribute to Dan Blakenship, who passed away in March 2019. The 95-year-old man will always be there with the team in spirit.

It was a privilege to know the man. He was our friend. There will not be a single day where we won’t miss him,” Rick Lagina said in a recent interview.

A Possible New Partnership

“The Curse of Oak Island” season 7 will feature Rick and Marty Lagina and the Oak Island team working together with a fellow landowner Tom Nolan. Tim is the son of the late Fred Nolan. This might mean that the team will gain unprecedented access to some areas of the island which might hold the answers to their questions. This might also indicate that they’ll use a more extensive metal detector in order to dig deeper on the surface of the island.

Additionally, History Channel has stated that the Lagina brothers and their partners won’t stop at exploring the ancient slipway. Instead, they’ll also be searching for the box drains and artifacts. One of those artifacts is the 14th-century lead cross they found two years ago. The team will also be in pursuit of what lies above the beach.

A Potential Crisis Coming Up?

The summary offered by History Channel suggests that the team will be excavating the objects found near Oak Island in Nova Scotia. However, besides the summary, there is also an ominous teaser about the legend on the lookout for another victim. The legend says that one more will have to die before the treasure is unraveled.

“The Curse” says that seven people have to die before the treasure is found. Hence, does that mean that the team is facing death threats in order to get answers to some crucial questions? Is that the potential crisis expected to come up in “The Curse of Oak Island” Season 7?

We guess we’ll find out tonight!