The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 13 Release Date

If you are a fan of Rick and Marty Lagina in TV series The Curse of Oak Island, then you are surely interested in what will happen next. In episode 13 of the seventh season, they will continue to look for the Money Pit. Season 7’s episode 13 is set to premiere on the 11th of February on History Channel.

It seems like they have found some new evidence about French being on Oak Island before the discovery of the Money Pit. Also, in the upcoming episode, they are going to try to get to the swamp and drain it after the flood caused by hurricane Dorian.

The name of the latest episode is Bromancing the Stones. In this episode, you will see the Discovery of Gary, who has found some antique accessories for tunneling in the mud, and that there might be evidence of the location of Money Pit.

Furthermore, Rick and Marty have found some old machinery in the swamp, and they think about how it could lead them to the Money Pit. Also, as some experts are saying, there is no way for some formation of rocks in the bottom of the swamp, to have their shape without human assistance. All of the clues are leading to the point that the whole swamp was created by humans.

Nonetheless, Rick went to Louisburg in Canada to see a French castle from the year 1713, which represents the biggest reconstructed famous monument in North America. The name of that castle is Duc d`Anville, and it looks like there is some connection with the structure of tunnels beneath it and the tunnels in the Oak Island.

Besides, in episode 7 of season 13, you will see the latest discovery of Gary Drayton. The mechanics for tunneling, and a spike for ships. It is determined that these objects were made somewhere between the 18th and 19th centuries.


Also, in the latest episode, Gary, Marty, and Dave have found some evidence of a pirate ship, which made them call an archeologist Laird Niven to make a further study. The archeologist said that the spike looks like it was from a dock, rather than a shipwreck. The main question is, why did they need a dock, and was its purpose for loading off the treasure, and burring it in the Money Pit?