The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 1 Recap

If you’re a fan of the History’s television series ‘The Curse of Oak Island’, you’ll be happy to hear that Season 7 premiered on November 5. Nick and Marty Lagina have continued their dream to hunt for buried treasure on the Nova Scotia island for the seventh installment of the series.

Hence, ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ Season 7 Episode 1 aired on the History Channel on Tuesday. However, if you didn’t have a chance to see the episode, here is a recap of what happened in it.

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ Season 7 Episode 1 Recap

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ has returned with its seventh season and the Lagina brothers and their team have continued their explorations of the island. It seems like this time they are more determined than ever to uncover the mysteries lying under a swamp.

Hence, the team started with an exploration of the swamp as they believe that there is a shipwreck located at the bottom of it. In the meantime, Rick, Marty, and their partners discover a number of strange artifacts. One of these artifacts is a sharp wooden structure. They examine the structure and determine that it probably originates from the 14th century.

These strange artifacts have raised many questions and the team started wondering whether these instruments had been hidden by the Knights Templar. This was followed by some new discoveries, claims and even wilder speculations.

Another artifact the team has discovered is a mysterious coin, which has left the explorers wondering what its presence on the island indicates. There isn’t yet any hint of the buried treasure. But it’s never so simple with the Lagina brothers and their team.

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ is an excellent television series for you if you believe in hunts for pirate treasure and if you’re ready to put your disbelief and rationality aside. This particular episode of the series has shown us the brotherly love Rick and Marty have for each other. Plus, the series is fun, entertaining and the explorers seem to be having the time of their lives.

How truthful the artifacts are and what are the facts behind all those claims the explorers make is still a mystery. The premiere episode of Season 7 was quite slow and lasted incredibly long – 1 hour. We believe that all that could be shown in just 40 minutes.

The Lagina brothers and their team used this episode as a tribute to their late friend Dan Blankenship. Hence, you can see the brothers remember their old friend and how significant his discoveries on Oak Island were. Dan Blankenship passed away at the age of 95 last March.

The title of the show might sound confusing, as to why there is a curse. Well, there is a little backstory to this. Oak Island has been a popular place for many treasure hunters for many years. Each of those treasure hunters have scoured the island thoroughly hoping to find wooden chests filled with gold. However, the tale behind all these excavations dates back to 1795.

In 1795, young men discovered a depression in the ground beneath an old oak tree on Oak island. Hence, they came to the conclusion that there’s treasure buried there. Their hunt continued in the late 1800s, but they had little success in finding the treasure. Then, the ‘curse’ started. In fact, five people vanished in the hunt for buried treasure. Hence, the legend says that in order to solve the Oak Island mystery, seven people have to die.

The Lagina brothers decided to start their quest for the treasure in 2006. Even though they still haven’t uncovered the treasure, there have faced many bizarre theories. Whether they will find the treasure is left to see in the upcoming episodes.