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“The Curse of Oak Island” season 6 episode 9 – What Will Happen? 


The closing to the French drain will be shown in a very exciting 9th episode of season 6 of “The Curse of Oak Island” when Marty and Rick Lagina will do their best to discover yet another significant finding. 


It needs to be emphasized the entire plot for the 9th episode of the 6th season of this series is unrevealed and we do not know in detail what will happen. However, we know that the title of the 9the episode would be “As Above, So Below” and we can base our assumptions on the basis of this. The main plot of the episode would be centered at them digging at the Smith’s Cove. 

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Continue Digging?

We are sure that they would keep digging even in this episode since they discovered something peculiar in the previous ones. What? First of all, they discovered a kind of a mark. This may indicated that something, or someone, has been buried at that spot. Furthermore, they dug up a golden piece, which additionally triggered their imagination and research.  


Some theories revolve around the possible plot of the 9th episode around Polaris, you can stream it on Namely, there would be an examination of the relationship that can be found between the precise location where Money Pit is and the way the constellations are formed. The triangle stone appears to be pointing to this.

We will know what will happen in detail on the 15th January 2019 at 9pm on History Channel.