The Curse Of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 6 Will Air On 18th December, 2018


Season 6 Episode 6 of The Curse of Oak Island is titled Precious Metal. The possible Knight Templar connection to the Money Pit will be discussed in the episode. The Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina will be digging for more fresh proof.

„New insights on Nolan Cross suggest a Templar connection to the Money Pit, while emerging evidence convinces the team the discovery of the lead cross may be the most historic find in North America“, the synopsis of the new episode reads on Rotten Tomatoes.

Previously, the lead medieval cross was dug up by the Lagina brothers and their team, and now they are waiting on the full results of the testings on that cross. In the previous episode, titled Homecoming, proposition of new relics being a evidence that the French explorers have landed on Oak Island too was made, and if it is true, this is going to change history.

Also in the previous episode, they have found the underground chambers that are believed to be the ones connected to the Money Pit. In the upcoming 6th episode that will be more explored too.

The Coast of Nova Scotia is where the Oak Island is located, and it is the longest-running treasure hunt place for the last 200 years and more.

The legend says that the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, Knights Templar treasures and more were buried on the Oak Island. The Lagina brothers, Rick and Marty are the latest team so far who are trying to find the treasures and that is how this TV show was made.

New episode of the 6th season of The Curse of Oak Island will air on 18th December, 2018 at 9 p.m. on History.