The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 19 Recap


‘The Curse of Oak Island’ season 6 episode 19 was titled ‘Striking Distance’. It was focused on the team’s determination to excavate under the giant crane pad in Smith’s Cove. As there are only several weeks remaining before the Lagina brothers and their team should stop their operations for the winter, they seem more determined than ever.

Let’s take a closer look at what happened in ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ season 6 episode 19 which aired on April 2.

The team might have finally found Shaft 6 and that they could be closer than ever to finding the original Money Pit Treasure Vault. They are convinced that they’re getting closer to solving the Money Pit mystery. As the excavation continues, Jack Begley and Gary Drayton, a metal detection expert head to the western side of the island to lot 25. There they discover a lock plate which they believe can be from a possible chest.


Back at the Money Pit, the crew eagerly monitors the excavation of Warhol GG1. Suddenly a 5-foot chunk of a tree is excavated, which they believe is the remains of an abandoned 19-century searcher tunnel.

As the days are getting shorter and the time of shutting down the operations is coming to an end, the team is determined to excavate beneath the massive 6000 square footpaths and make what could be there the greatest breakthrough yet.

Rick Lagina has invited Richard Moats, a theorist, to the War Room. A meeting of the Oak Island team takes place, where Richards discovers possible places to look for what they might be looking for. According to him, there are four potential target sites in and around the Money Pit area. One of those sites is the location of the original treasure shaft based on his belief. The question is whether his incredible theory could be true.

As the team believes that they began drilling in some kind of tunnel or wooden structure, 100-feet in the Money Pit area several team members will meticulously search through the spoils, which have been excavated from the Shaft.

A new day begins at Oak Island and the Lagina brothers together with Craig Tester head back to the Money Pit area to continue supervising the excavation of site 3. However, as they arrive there, they discover that nothing is running and the men are gone. The situation looks serious. So, they discover that the crane operators are on strike, which has shut down operations on Oak Island. Even though the care operators at the Money Pit site are employed by Irving Equipment Limited, their rates are regulated by the Nova Scotia Labor Relations Association. Hence, there were wage issues and the union went on strike.


Therefore, it seems like the operations cannot continue for what might be the next three weeks, which is yet another setback for the Lagina brothers and their team. Plus, it won’t be too long until conditions won’t allow resuming drilling. The crew is both heartbroken and furious, but they are determined to make the best of it. They know that patience and persistence are stronger than anything else. Hence, they can double their excavation efforts at Smith’s Cove and will have time to examine new theories.