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The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 15 – Everything You Need to Know

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ season 6 episode 15, ‘Dye Harder’, will air on March 5 on History at 8 p.m. Until we wait for Tuesday, here is everything we know about the next episode.


The Lagina brothers and their team are going to face a challenging week and a huge crisis. The issue they are going to deal with might eventually put an end to the whole exploration venture and lose track of the Money Pit. We will see Rick and Marty Lagina thinking about a new plan in the new episode. In fact, they have to come up with a new strategy as their treasure hunt is facing a risk of disappearing. Their multi-million dollar treasure hunt might become history as the sinkhole they were digging is becoming wider and they have to be very careful how to proceed. Even though the Lagina brothers and their team planned to continue digging with the use of a 3-ton hammer grab tool, they might need to change their plan.

The crew received information that the ground is unstable and a big collapse can happen any time. The reason behind this is the fact that the location known as the Money Pit had been dug on for years. Hence, there are over 40 shafts, multiple holes, and tunnels in this location.

So, if a collapse like that happens, it will mean that the search will come to an end. Although this would bring a lot of disappointment, the Lagina brothers are sure that safety is most important to them. Thus, in the next episode of the sixth season, we will be able to see whether the search will continue.

Moreover, we will also learn more about the results of the testing for the objects they discovered so far. The materials they found, which have been believed to be pieces of leather and paper, turned out to be just bark of a tree. The material which was assumed to be a paper, it was discovered that it is a few centuries old and it might actually be part of a medieval manuscript believed to be buried in the Money Pit. So, the season 6 episode 15 will probably give us all the answers we have been looking for.