The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 11 Recap

The newest episode of the popular History Channel TV show, The Curse of Oak Island, is titled Wharves and All. It premiered on January 29t, 2019.


Rick Lagina, Craig Tester, and Terry Matheson check on their excavation operation while waiting for the 3D scan of the mysterious triangle rock they came across. They believe it is the drain system, hoping they can connect the Smith’s Cove site to the Money Pit’s location. They come across some wooden boards, possibly a man-made structure. It is going to be an interesting development for sure, as they continue to excavate the area.

The team believes this is the L-shaped structure Dan came across years ago during his excavation operation. The three researchers also find a layer of clay.

The next day, a War room meeting takes place between the whole team regarding the stone and the carvings. Rob Hyslop, Tory Martin, and Ryan Levangiefrom Azimuth Consulting Ltd join them to discuss the 3D data. They found a flat area, too straight to be natural. Regarding the carvings, they are linear in an unfamiliar runic language. The Vikings may be connected to it, old sea navigators from centuries ago.


The following day, Gary Drayton, a metal detection expert, joins geologist Terry Matheson and archeologist Laird Niven at Smith’s Cove. They carefully dig further and try to detect some metal in the dirt. A small led rod is what they find first, that may be a bracelet.

Later in the day, the team has another meeting on moving forward with the Money Pit. They had trouble finding Shaft 6 and the pit. They argue that finding Shaft 6 is the most important thing here, and then they must find the tunnel connecting it to the Money Pit. In the surroundings, they found various artifacts there last year, involving human bones and pottery. There must be something else there, and that is mission number one currently in that area.

Danny Smith and Vanesa Lucido from Roc Equipment bring in the 50,000-pound rotating oscillator, capable of 3 million pounds of torque. It is something that will help for sure because they know where to dig. Last year, when they tried to excavate H-8 site, they had an accident and pushed the alleged wooden box further. Now they must try something new in order to find out more. They wish to grab whatever fell in the way of the first digging attempt.
Alex Lagina and Paul Troutman travel to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in the meantime. They will try to find out more about the stone by examining others like it. It is not the first stone like it found in Nova Scotia. In 1812, a local doctor found this special stone. The carvings cannot be translated as they include various old languages, like Norse, Greek and Japanese. Norse is dominant, and the translation mentions Erik the Red. The characters are different though, enough for it to be a whole other thing.

Bask at the Money Pit, Alex meets his father Marty and welcomes people from Irving Equipment, Ltd. When the crane is assembled, a hammer grab will retreat what is trapped in the hole. The team starts building the crane.

Alex then joins uncle Rick at the Cove excavation. The structure they found has to be very significant, everyone can feel it. The team comes across even more timber logs. It may be an ancient slipway, which was lost in 1936 during a wharf operation. The findings keep piling up, and so do the questions. They continue digging.

Back at the H-8, the most ambitious project starts for the Lagina brothers, as they attempt to reach the Money Pit with the enormous new crane. They must first remove more than 30 feet of debris and mud.

As the mystery deepens, so do the findings. Stay tuned to find out more on the next episode.

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