The Cruse of Oak Island Season 7 – New Episode Air Date and Spoilers

Your favorite show “The Curse of Oak Island” returned with a new season just a week ago, and it hyped up all of its large fan bases. By the looks of it, this is going to be probably the best season of them where Lagina brothers are participating because their team is closer to the Money Pit than it has ever been in the previous few seasons.

With the tempo of exploration, a huge chunk of show’s fans is participating that Marty and Rick and their team are going to finally take a look at the mystery that is older than 200 years. All the pointers are leading to that they are going to resolve the Oak Island mystery due to more and more clues are hinting that they are on the right track.


The latest episode is titled “Core Values” and we can expect from the team to spend more time in the swamp because that area was looking very promising at the end of the last episode. Also, they need to prove their suspicion about one anomaly they believe that it is a ship that sunken there a long time ago. Everyone from the team agreed that it looks like a sunken ship on their seismic radar.

Two experts from the team Charles Barkhouse and Gary Drayton did some research on Isaac’s point which is located in the eastern part of the island they are exploring on. Down there, they have found an exceptional discovery.

One item was uncovered, some kind of ancient button that Gary Drayton described as a stardust design. By the looks of its, it belonged to someone of the highest possible rank that lived on the island. This is really interesting because people that lived on the island in the 1700s were mostly farmers.

According to the metal detector expert, Gary Drayton explained that back then having a silver button represented a status symbol of that person. He did some dating and said that it is around from 1650 to 1750. This was an amazing find most definitely. In the next episode, S07E02, this will be more explored and they will share more information on the rarest silver button that was uncovered in the show so far.

Swamp Exploration

As we said, our favorite team of explorers found themselves in the swamp. This will be explored further in the next episode “Core Values” a little bit more than it was in the previous ones. Also, they will have to sample some soil in order to establish a few theses they can continue to work on. Also, a clay that was made by a man was found in the first episode of season seven.

By the looks of it that clay was made to hide the ship from the unwanted guests that are going to look for the treasures. Also, Tony Sampson, a professional diver found a flat rock that looks like a huge platform, and it looks man-made.

The next episode of “The Curse of Oak Island” is going to air on the 12th of November on History Channel.