The Big Secret George Michael was Hiding from Brooke Shields for years

Brooke Shields and her mother both were charmed by singer George Michael. Broke was only 14 years old and in her teenage years. That’s when she met 18-year old George Michael. Soon they started dating. Growing up, Broke was pretty religious… And George’s attitude matched with Shield’s values. Broke’s controversial mother approved their relationship. Broke was impressed by George’s attitude towards their relationship. “ I thought my relationship with George Michael was true love.” My mother insisted that he was the perfect man”. “But, I never realized the truth for so long.” What truth was Brooke talking about?

When Brooke was in a relationship with George, their relationship was not physical by any means. It was more of a spiritual type.

For so long, Brooke had respected his nature of their relationship. She respected that George was taking things slow with her. She believed he was a man of value, and he respected her.

“I would like to wait until I get married, “and that’s something I have always believed in.” But their relationship was not what Brooke thought it was. While she saw her life partner in George, he only saw her as his best friend. And he was hiding a pretty big secret from Brooke all this time. So what secret was it?

“We watched movies together, ate popcorn together. “ “We went shopping together. “ “We were best friends first. “ “Of course we cared for each other. “ But there was nothing romantic in the relationship. During their relationship, they didn’t even kiss for once.

”He left without even trying to kiss me.” Nobody had ever been willing to move so slowly “. “It must be love.”

With time, Brooke started feeling insecure. She thought she was not attractive to her boyfriend. She couldn’t figure out what was the problem in their relationship. She found it difficult and confusing to carry on with the relationship. The two of them went on a few more dates until they broke up…

In 1998, George finally revealed that he was attracted to men all the time. Brooke finally realized why her relationship with him was developing too slow. She went on to marry tennis player Andre Agassi, whom she divorced after 6 years in 1999. She has been happily married to screenwriter Chris Henchy since 2001.

Recently Brooke wrote about the time she had with George in her autobiography. She had only good things to say about George. She says she didn’t have any idea about his truth. She thought it was true love. She also mentioned that George was always “caring and loving”…