The Best Workouts to Make Your Clothes Fit Like Stephen James

In order to really look good in his clothes, a man has to have a physique that fits it well. There are many ways to pull this off, but they don’t last for long. In order to have a modern look, you need to start by getting in shape. This starts by creating a workout routine combined with strength and cardio workouts. Once you start these you won’t have to try hiding any of your body that may be a problem and focus on areas that are now an asset.

Clothes are able to show off different areas of the body in a different way, so you need to keep in mind the style of your clothes. A good example includes wearing a partial suit would be great if your core was flat as a board or where a nice pair of pants would show off your behind. Check out Siksilk to find the latest suit options.

To help give you an idea of what exercises to do in order to achieve a great look in men’s training tops, we’ve gathered 5 that are sure to turn heads during your next outing.

For a Suit, you should slam a medicine ball


If you plan to wear a suit on a regular basis you want to be sure to look good all of the time. The main reason is that hiding a midsection that is round is hard to do. But when you have a suit that fits around a flat midsection then you will have a look that is more professional and your suit won’t look sloppy.

Besides performing the normal midsection exercises like planks or crunches, you should have a core routine that will take your ab workout up a notch. This is when slamming a medicine ball comes into play. When you slam a medicine ball you are working your core directly in order to carve the midsection as your heart rate also increases. Because of both cardio and strength training, the amount of effort can be maximized in order to obtain a lean look at a much faster rate than you would with just strength training.

This workout is perfect for all skill levels and is easy to get started. You can find out more on

Conduct Reverse Plate Curls to Look Good in Short Sleeve Shirts


Having great-looking triceps and biceps is what a lot of guys strive for. However, if you don’t plan to be at the beach a lot, then they won’t be visible as often as you would like. What you will be showing a lot of is your forearm as you wear short sleeve shirts. The thing with the triceps and biceps is that they can be neglected pretty easily, which is why a difference can be noticed in no time.

What makes plate curls so great is their ability to stress the forearms as the biceps get worked. Just by substituting dumbbells for a plate will make you push yourself a lot more so you can maintain a good grip.

Conduct Hip Thrusts with Barbells for a Nice Butt in Your Pants


Although many people prefer lunges or squats for getting their “butt” in shape so they can look good in pants, another way is to conduct hip thrusts with a barbell. Although styles for men are relaxed as compared to what women wear, there is no change to the rule that a pair of pants will always be a great look when they have a nice butt that fits them nicely.

Trying to make an impact can seem troublesome, however. The main reason is that you’ll need to perform a lot of them just to get where you want to be. Using weight is a great way to get your butt sculpted, but make sure that you start light so that you don’t risk any injury to the knees, hips, or back.

Luckily, there is a way that will allow you to get the same great results and is also very effective. It’s known as hip thrusts and they are conducted by using a barbell. This workout works the glutes a lot better as compared to lunges or squats. It’s good to use a weight that is a little heavy, but where you have no problem lifting.

Conduct an Upright Row Exercise to Fit into Fitted Shirts


No matter what you like to relax in, having a shirt that fits is the ideal result especially when you plan to hit the town.

With an upright row, it requires you to conduct a move that will strengthen the lats, shoulders, and back. The great part is that this exercise allows you to focus on these three muscle groups simultaneously.

Conduct Calf Raises to Look Good in Shorts

Regardless of preferring to wear long pants or styling some shorts, some days it just seems more practical to go with shorts. So if you want to be able to revive your favorite shorts, then you are going to have to start conducting calf raises. When your calves are weak, your appearance will look scrawny and could cause injury to occur. Having poor strength in your calves can have a negative impact on stride and can cause your Achilles to rupture.

Because the calf includes two types of muscle, you can conduct both sitting and standing calf raises in order for you to obtain great results.