5 Qualities Of The Best UTV Tires 2020

A utility terrain vehicle is a great investment for outdoor enthusiasts. This vehicle comes with a powerful engine and design, making it very easy for you to traverse through harsh weather and road conditions. With a UTV, you can drive through dunes and snow with ease.

However, before you can maximize your utility terrain vehicle, you must know what type of tires to use for it. The pneumatics can significantly affect your comfort and safety when riding the vehicle, as well as the enjoyment you can experience from the ride. Your ride will be more memorable if your safety and comfort aren’t compromised when you’re driving, right?

To end up having the best UTV tires for your vehicle, check and make sure to pay attention to the following qualities:

1. Right Weight

The weight of your pneumatic can affect the overall weight of the vehicle, as well as its usability. If your utility terrain vehicle comes with lightweight pneumatics, switching to a more substantial set might feel new and even affect how you drive it. In worse cases, a sudden increase in the weight of your UTV tires can pose serious safety risks when you’re driving the vehicle.

When buying, make sure that you look for those that can provide optimum pressure based on the model and weight of your car. Aside from keeping the vehicle balanced, these ones allow you to maneuver the vehicle easily even when driving through difficult trails and weather conditions.

Aside from checking the weight of the UTV tires, it’s also important to make sure that the engine of your vehicle can easily turn these tires. You can only assess this property by testing the wheels first before deciding which to buy.

2. Performance In Rough Terrains

As mentioned, utility terrain vehicles are different than your typical sedans and SUVs because these vehicles are built to withstand the muddiest and roughest terrains. However, before you can enjoy these features, you should be careful about the one you choose to use. The features of tires can significantly affect their performance when driven.

To make sure that you can end up with high-performing pneumatics, consider the usual conditions you use the vehicle with. Do you use it for professional races? Or, are you solely using it to explore the beaches or deserts? Different UTV tires have different purposes, so make sure that you know what kind of tire to buy by identifying how you’re going to use the vehicle.

A UTV is a powerful vehicle, but using the wrong set of pneumatics in the wrong condition can impair its performance and longevity. Using sand tires when you’re racing in muddy terrains won’t provide the best outcomes.

3. Appropriate Size

With the number of people investing in utility terrain vehicles today, expect to see a wide variety of wheels being sold in the market today. Having said that, it’ll be very easy to find pneumatics that are either too small or too big for the average UTV! But, when you’re buying for your own, the bandwagon shouldn’t be your sole consideration. On the contrary, you should see to it that the tires you’ll buy are proportional to the size.

On average, wheels have a 12-inch rim and measure about 24 to 26 inches in height. But, some pneumatics measure two bigger sizes than the average.

Regardless of how tempting it can be to choose bigger UTV tires, stick to choosing a set that is proportionately-sized to your vehicle. Buying pneumatics that are close or similar to the required size of your car can result in ease of use when you’re driving, and ensure the optimal suspension of your vehicle’s engine.

4. Affordability

Buying a utility terrain vehicle is already an expensive investment, and choosing to buy costly tires can result in debts and a lot of financial stress. Once this happens, it’ll be hard for you to enjoy your investment. How can you have fun with your UTV if you’re worried about your finances? How can you afford additional safety features if the costs of the vehicle and its pneumatics are already beyond your set budget?

When buying the best utility terrain vehicle tire, don’t forget to consider its affordability. Since affordability is a very subjective matter, you should be able to consider how often you’re going to use the vehicle. If you’re going to use it every single day in the roughest road conditions, look for durable and high-quality pneumatics that offer the best lifespan.

If you’re on a tight budget, consider buying secondhand pneumatics. As long as you’re careful with your search and ask for a professional’s help when choosing, you can still end up buying high-quality ones.

5. Tread Pattern

If you have been a driver for years, you know how vital the tread pattern of the UTV wheels is. The perfect tires with the ideal tread pattern can only be determined once you know the common surfaces you’ll usually drive through as this factor varies on the condition of the terrain.

When choosing a tread pattern for your pneumatic, go with a set that works well in different types of terrain. The more diverse or versatile the tread pattern is, the better it’ll be for your investment. If possible, look for tires that resemble the performance of the original or factory pneumatics of your UTV.

Maintenance Is Important

Your utility terrain vehicle is important in more ways than one. Aside from spending a lot of money to make this investment, keep in mind that your own and your passenger’s safety depend on the condition of the vehicle. A damaged or poorly-maintained utility terrain vehicle can increase your susceptibility to cause accidents on the road, which can possibly lead to injuries.

Now that you know what qualities to look for when buying UTV tires don’t forget to exert time and effort for your vehicle’s maintenance. The more often you conduct maintenance checks, the easier it’ll be for you to repair your vehicle’s problems.