The Best Pokemon Go Locations in the Vatican

When the Pope made a deal with the Mussolini back in 1929, the Vatican became an independent state ever since; however, it’s considered to be the smallest state in the world, with having an area of 44 hectares only. However, there are numerous attractions found within the walls of the Vatican that can keep tourists busy for days on end.

With the game being the most popular app to date, as the game requires its players to move around and explore different places to encounter and capture different kinds of Pokemon. One of the best places to visit on your Pokemon Go journey is the Vatican, as it has numerous landmarks and tourist attraction despite its small size.

St. Peter’s Basilica

The main attraction of Vatican City is the beautiful and elegant St. Peter’s Basilica, in which it was built from the ground up back between the 16th and 18th centuries. Moreover, the Basilica replaced earlier structures in the Vatican on where everyone thought St. Peter was buried. reports that the Basilica is considered as one of the best Pokemon Go locations in the world.

The Basilica is filled with iconic wonders such as the famous Pieta, which was sculpted by Michelangelo when he was only 24 years old. While basking with the magnificence of what the St. Peter’s Basilica holds, you would also gain experience from Pokemon Go as every tourist spot in the Basilica is also a hotspot for Pokemon Go players.

The Sistine Chapel

Built by Pope Sixtus IV, the Sistine Chapel started its construction back in 1475, in which it was dubbed as the Pope’s domestic chapel that is used for social occasions and services. It’s also the home of the iconic ceiling in which it was painted by Michelangelo alone, and the idea came during the reign of Pope Julius II in 1510.

Michelangelo’s idea was to create a masterpiece that illustrates how Creation, as described in the book of Genesis, in which it starts with God separating the darkness in the light. In the center of it all, there lies a Pokestop with its corresponding Pokemon Gym beside it to attract not only tourists but locals as well.

The Vatican Gardens

It was initially made for Pope Nicholas II back in the 13th century as it was built for the purpose of creating peace and tranquility. Throughout the centuries, the grassy spaces, landscaped gardens, and the orchards have grown to the point that it had completely covered half of the Vatican that it rivaled the most beautiful gardens in all of Italy.

The Vatican Library

The library located in the Vatican is no ordinary library because the content that it holds is considered to be the richest in the world. The library is filled with over 7,000 incunabula, in which it was originally printed back in the 15th century, not to mention more than 25,000 hand-written books and 80,000 manuscripts that the library collected since 1450.

The Vatican’s Highlights

Due to the fact that the Vatican is only 0.44 hectares big, there aren’t a lot of places to go to because all of its iconic tourist spots are cramped in one place. However, buildings and large sculptures are not the only attraction as most of the highlights of Vatican City is located within the vicinity.

Furthermore, tourists are not the only ones who would enjoy Vatican City as it’s filled Pokestops, Pokemon Gyms, and endless Pokemon encounters for players to enjoy while they indulge in the magnificence that the city brings. Aside from Vatican City’s main attraction, here are more of the city’s highlights that shouldn’t be ignored.

Appartamento Borgia

Within the Vatican Palace, Pope Alexander VI formerly had a private place to live, in which it’s now known as the Appartamento Borgia. Somewhere around 1493, with the help of his assistants, Pinturicchio painted a sequence of scenery where Christian subjects are combined with themes from the Renaissance.

Sala dei Chiaroscuro

The Sala dei Chiaroscuro is a small gem in which people tend to overlook as you get out of the Raphael Rooms, in which your attention would be diverted to the wooden ceiling. The ceiling of Sala dei Chiaroscuro shows wooden sculptures that would take your breath away.

Cappella Niccolina

From the Sala dei Chiaroscuro, there is a little corner in which it leads to a doorway, the Nicholas V’s Chapel that is now known as the Cappella Niccolina. The chapel is in line with the Florentine monk’s frescoes, in which it’s composed as the martyrdom and life of St. Stephen and St. Lawrence that speaks gentleness and simplicity.


Vatican City is an intensely popular travel destination for general sightseeing and religions expeditions. Because of the game Pokemon Go, in which it’s the only game out there that forces the players to go out and see the world, people are more likely to enjoy traveling more often as they would not only see the world but also to be the best Pokemon player.

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