The Best Military Technologies That Changed Citizens Lives

Many innovations and technologies that we use in everyday life have not been developed without the secret, military research and war. Many products we use on a daily basis are created in a secret mission in the war. Remember that, every time you want to glue something, or put something in a microwave! If you want to find out more about the best military technologies that changed citizens lives continue reading.

20. Walkie Talkie


At the beginning of the research the walkie talkie was named the ‘’packset’’, and the development project started in 1940, and has its debut in World War II. Donald L. Hings and his team at Motorola create this device in 1937, but he got all the contribution after the war. Today children love playing with this device.

19. Duct Tape


This is a classic invention created during World War II, and it was used for everything like today. After the war, the first use for duct tape was to hold ventilation together, and the purpose of tape gained the name. Duct tape you can find in every store in a popular gray color. You can even make wallets, clothes, and instruments made from the duct tape.

18. Microwaves


In 1937 microwave was known as a cavity magnetron, and it was used to signal a warning to troops in the war. At the moment, the only signal that this device gives is that your food is ready.

17. Cargo Pants


The British military was designer of the popular cargo pants. They are popular because you can put many things in pockets. Before the cargo pants soldiers storage their gear in backpacks. In the 1990s they went public, and both boys and girls love to wear them.

16. Aviator – Glasses


The company Bausch and Lomb made aviator sunglasses for pilots in 1936 because they need to protect their eyes from the sun during the flights. The aviator glasses very fast replaced flight goggles because they are thinner and weight a lot less. Today, the model of aviator glasses is still the most popular in the world.

15. GPS


US military developed a secret, a special project in 1973 called GPS, but it becomes operational only just in 1995. This innovation changed the road navigation forever, and the US government owns a platform for GPS India discovered in 1999 during the Kargil War.

14. EpiPen


The EpiPen was created during the Iraq war as an auto-injector for counteracting nerve gas. It was in 2009 when Sheldon Kaplan and his 4 teammates developed that invention. At the moment, millions of people are very happy and grateful for this invention, it saves many lives so far.

13. Weather Radar


In the World War II radar systems were used to track and locate the enemy, and when the war was over the whole equipment was given to the National Weather Service. The radar system was very successful in 1948, in Wichita, Kansas, when it helped in landing an airplane.

12. Jeeps


The US military always said that the Jeep is one of the most important weapons during World War II. At the beginning of the production, it was only 640,000 made. Today it is very popular to drive an SUV model, not only Jeep. The vehicles that were used for only a wartime transit now is one of the most popular vehicles for outdoor recreation.

11. Ambulance & ER Systems


The first ambulance system was used in Bull Run Battle in the Civil War. Many soldiers died because their wounds could not treat on the battlefield and there was no system for evacuation of the wounded soldiers. Johnathan Letterman, medical director for the Army of the Potomac created the first ambulance system. The first ambulance had a driver and two men who brought stretcher on the battlefield and picked up wounded soldiers.

10. Blood Bank & Transfusions


Thanks to World War I now we have blood bank and transfusions because when Lieutenant Lawrence Bruce Robertson saw bloodshed on the battlefield he developed a system for transfusion to save lives of the soldiers. The first transfusions were person-to-person, and techniques quickly improved.

9. Watch


The first persons to wore watches on the wrist were military personnel because they need to synchronize battlefield maneuvers. Today, this is a famous fashion accessorize and everyone loves to wear them.

8. Penicillin


Alexander Fleming during World War I was a captain of the Royal Army Medical Corps, and he saw that there is no cure for deep wounds and that many soldiers are died because of the infections. Later he discovered a mold that inhibited bacterial growth. He called it Penicillin, and the rest is history because it is still one of the most effective antibiotics.

7. Canned Foods

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The first canned foods appeared in 1810 when the French government thought of that. It is very efficient for the troops to have fresh food on the battlefield. You do not want your troops to be hungry. When the food is canned you can easily transport it from one place to another. At the moment, at the store, you can find all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and meat in cans.

6. Superglue


When the scientists were found superglue they were actually creating a material which will clear gun sights in World War II. The military rejected the substance that would stick to anything at the first contact, but the public love this experiment, and the superglue become a huge success on the market.

5. Digital Photography


In the 1970s, during the Cold War digital photography was born, and the first model was so huge, looked like big satellites. Today, we know and love DSLRs, and wherever you look you will see digital imagery. Even the cameras on your smartphones can snap beautiful photos.

4. Jerrycan


This popular fule tank was developed by the Germans in the 1930s before World War II. Every Jeep had a jerrycan in the back because it was the easiest way to carry fuel with you in the car.

3. Radio Control R/C


The most famous showing of radio control was in 1898 exhibition at Madison Square Garden when Nikola Tesla piloted an unmanned boat. He was using RC technology for controlling the boat. Later that innovation and technology was used in World War I for remote control torpedoes and ship targeting. Today, every little child has a vehicle on the radio control for playing and driving.

2. Computer


The development of the computer began in World War II when the scientists were making a machine to intercept and decipher Nazi war messages. With the Colossus, the first computer, started a modern, digital age. Today computers are much smaller, efficient, and they are part of our everyday life. You can not imagine your life without a computer anymore. They help us in our jobs, and all information we can search with them.

1. Internet


The United States military developt the Internet in their Advanced Research Projects Agency Network and the first technology that used was TCP/IP protocol. The founders of the Internet are Leonard Kleinrock, Donald Davies, Lawrence Roberts, Vintage Cerf, and Paul Baran. The modern Internet was born in 1989, and it pushed the modern, digital age in the new, improved direction.

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