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The 5 Advantages of Online Conveyancing


Conveyancing is a term that is used to transfer the ownership of one’s home to another, by dealing with the legal matters. It’s the job of the buyer’s solicitor to make sure that there are no legal obstacles with the new property. Furthermore, it’s the solicitor’s job to make sure that the legal process is safe, protects the buyer, and makes sure the entire process finishes smoothly.

Like most things, the Internet offers the possibility of solicitors practicing their trade without needing an office or operating locally.

Like most things, the prospect of operating online has its own advantages. In this article, we are going to be talking about the 5 main advantages of online conveyancing.

Online Conveyancing is More Affordable

Solicitors who practice traditionally will often charge you after the entire process is finished. On the other hand, solicitors operating online would give you a full quote even before the process has begun. In most cases, there are no hidden fees involved with online solicitors, and you pay much less for their services than for traditional conveyancing. This gives you the option of planning ahead by understanding how much it would cost you to employ such a service.

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It Allows You to Track the Case Itself

It’s not hard to understand that in the case of traditional conveyancing, you would have to call your solicitor at the end of the workday in order to inquire about the progress of the process itself. The case is different with online conveyancing as you can track the progress of the case online. My Key Conveyancing is one conveyancing service that allows its clients the luxury of tracking the entire case in real time all from the clutches of their smartphones of desktop computers, tablets, and such.

It Allows You Full Transparency

The technological advancements in technology and the Internet have allowed for any information to be available online. Such is the case with online conveyancing as it allows buyers and sellers to inquire about past experiences in the field. With a little bit of searching, you can inquire about your solicitor’s past experiences, referrals, and reviews. The case is no different from a buyers perspective as you can inquire about the property online, read reviews about the property, and find all the necessary information that will aid you towards making the right call.

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Better Communication

Online conveyancing has made it possible for the solicitor and his client to stay in touch even after business hours. Since both people are on the same page, the process would be faster and easier if your solicitor can dedicate half an hour to talk about the progress of the process. Sometimes we cannot talk during business hours, and online conveyancing gives you the chance to talk with your solicitor after working hours.

Sending Documents is Easier

Like traditional conveyancing, online conveyancing requires documents to be sent, signed and received. Having the ability to send documents online is much easier if you’re employing an online solicitor. Since the entire process is done online, the same method can be used for the transfer of documents that need to be signed. This saves the solicitor time by not needing to drive to your location in order to deliver the documents. And it allows for your solicitor to finish the process faster.

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