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Tesla Model Y – Price, Release Date, Interior and More

Tesla is making a switch to a mass market and therefore, they need an inexpensive version of the Model X. They have already launch a cheap Model 3 which has had major success and they are going to complete the lineup with the Model Y. This is the most mysterious vehicle coming from Tesla but based on what Elon Musk said so far, the new car might come sooner than we expected.

“We’re aiming to unveil the Model Y approximately March next year, and then go into production about two years from now,” he said at the company’s most recent annual shareholder meeting. “Maybe a little less than two years, but basically first half of 2020 for production of Model Y.”

But what do we know about Tesla Model Y?

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Official Reveal

However, Musk has made several comments, teasing the new car and a possible launch date. In May, he wrote on Twitter that the SUV would be showed on the Ides of March. The exact date was March 15th 2019. However, he would later on explain that he was only joking but that there was a possibility for the company to “unveil Model Y anytime from late this year to mid next year.”


The starting price of the Model 3 was $46,000 with a drop to $35,000 but it appears that the Model Y will not go under that price. On the other hand, the Model X starts at $79,500 and the company will try to reduce this costs as much as possible. In a nutshell, the price tag of the new car can easily fall between $35,000 and $79,500. It is a wide range, but it is too early to be more accurate.

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Battery is always interesting to discuss when we are talking about Tesla vehicles. For instance, with Model 3, Tesla focused more on miles-per-charge in its advertising campaign than on battery. Just for comparison, the Model 3 has a range of 260 miles, whereas Model X and Model S can cover 295 and 335 miles respectively. We are not sure whether the Model Y will focus on mileage or it will be a combination of power and range.

Seating Arrangement

In the past, Tesla often experimented with the interior, especially with the seating arrangement. They would use innovations and nobody knew what to expect. With the new car in the pipeline, we can only guess. There is a rumor that Model Y will come with seven seats, which is perhaps too much for an electric SUV. Also, don’t forget that this will be a cheaper model, meaning that Tesla would have to cut back on something and power, range and design aren’t that something.

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Production Plans

According to Tesla, we should expect around one million Model Y vehicles produced on a yearly basis. This is a lot more than the all deliveries in the United State. The Gigafactory in China will help immensely with the production of the Model Y, but it will also cover Model 3. Hopefully, there will be no problems with the Model Y production as it was with Model 3 that failed to meet the weekly figures.

What Elon Musk has to say?

Musk is constantly hyping up the new vehicle and he said that it is “something super special”. Furthermore, compared to Model 3, he called Model Y “a manufacturing revolution.”

“I’m pretty excited about how we’re designing Model Y, it’s really taking a lot of lessons learned from Model 3 and saying, ‘How do we design this thing to be easy to manufacture instead of difficult?’” he said during a call in February.

We are looking forward to Tesla Model 3 – how about you?