5 Facts to Know About the 2021 Tesla Model Y Crossover

1. The 2021 Tesla Model Y Will be Built Upon the Model 3 Platform

The 2021 Tesla Model Y is a small crossover SUV which will be built upon the Model 3 platform. This vehicle will be the fifth in the Tesla lineup together with the Model X mid-sized SUV, Model S full-size luxury sedan, the upcoming redesigned Roadster, and the Model 3. The Model X is built upon the Model S platform, while the Model Y will have about three-quarters of the same parts as the Model 3. Plus, this model is a cheaper version of the Model X as part of its shift to a mass-market automaker.

According to Musk, he expects that the Model Y will hit one million units produced a year. The 2021 Tesla Model Y crossover is believed to be a manufacturing revolution.