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Tesla Model Y is Ready for Production

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Tesla has confirmed that Model Y will be produced in their Gigafactory in Nevada very soon. The news was published by Elon Musk. The Tesla Model Y is the fourth model of this American electric car manufacturer. The Model Y is actually a fully electric SUV and will be manufactured in Gigafactory where batteries and electric motors for the vehicles of this company are produced.

The company’s decision to produce a new car in Nevada is completely logical because manufacturing of Model S, Model X, and Model 3 requires the transport of batteries and electric motors to California. In this way, the production process will be significantly accelerated and transport costs will be reduced, because the cars will be fully assembled in Gigafactory.

Elon Musk also said that the new Model Y will be fairly similar to Model 3 for the components that will be installed. Also, the company is considering relocation of production Model 3 from California to Nevada after the start of production Model Y.

The start of the production of the new vehicle is planned for this year, however, the huge financial losses from May last year, which amounted to £ 523 million, postponed the event. The premiere of the Model Y is expected to be at the beginning of 2020.

Tesla’s “Master Plan” for the Model Y

As we have said, Model Y is the third model of the Tesla Company and will be completely electric. In some ways, the new SUV represents the advancement of its predecessor, the Tesla Model 3. In addition to the Y model, Tesla has prepared a new generation of Roadster models as well as new commercial vehicles that will be fully electric Tesla Semi truck. With Model Y, the company intends to stand on the market as a serious competitor, as the new crossover will be a bit cheaper. This is definitely an important step towards becoming one of the most competitive manufacturers in the market in the coming years.

As for the design, it is expected that Model Y will be a bit like Model X, but with some changes. For example, the design of the doors should be changed. Except with Model X, the new car will have some similarities with Model 3, such as the platform or the absence of a grill.

Using the same platform as Model 3 will greatly accelerate the product and reduce costs that would otherwise lead to the development of a completely new platform. Also, Model Y would for that reason appear earlier in the showrooms. Another reason we can expect a new SUV soon is that the complete product will be done at the Nevada factory, so there will be no cost of transporting batteries and power units.

Due to its similarity with Model X, but also with Model 3, it is expected that the Model Y will be presented as Model 3 crossover, rather than as a smaller Model X.

After the recent reconstruction of the Model S and Model X, we saw that Tesla sometimes changes the offer of powertrain, but it is expected that the line-up of Model 3 will be replaced by Model Y.

Tesla electric minibus is also on the cards

In addition to information on the new Model Y, Elon Musk also announced plans for a Tesla electric minibus. He said the minibus would be a “high passenger density urban transport” and would be based on the Model X chassis. Musk also said that the new minibus would not have less than eight seats.

As the chassis of this vehicle is already known, it is expected that the minibus will appear in showrooms during 2020 as well as Model Y. Just like the other vehicles that will be presented in the next year by Tesla, the minibus will also have an electric drive, all-wheel drive or two-wheel drive, but an autonomous drive, too.

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